• Prestholtskarvet
  • 1859 m
  • East on Hallingskarvet, Norway
  • Primary factor 149 m
  • Location: North 60:33.496, East 008:00.743
  • Climbed in January 1992 and on March 4. 2012


How to get there:
The best approach is likely from the small Norwegian resort town of Ustaoset.
Route description:
From Ustaoset one can hike (or ski in winter) to Prestholtskaret a good way to ascend the very distinct mountain called Hallingskarvet. Hallingskarvet is quite steep in many places, so a good way up (and down) is important. Once up the main slope, the Hallingskarvet streches west for a considerable distance. The (local) highpoint near the eastern end is located a few kilometers from the point where one ascends. This highpoint has been given the separate name Prestholtskarvet.
Hallingskarvet traverse: This route continues from the west.
Follow the route described above (from Ustaoset) in the opposite direction in order to complete the traverse of Hallingskarvet.
1992 climb:
I did this climb with my friend Ivar, just when the Gulf war had started. It was a nice ski climb in winter weather.
Hallingskarvet traverse:
We continued in white-out conditions from the highest point, with quite a few gentle ups and downs before arriving at Prestholtskarvet. The area around this summit is rather flat. The continuation to the standard descent route went fine, except that we should have gotten slightly more (left) east, in order to enter the broad gully along its best line of descent. We came into the gully up on its rather steepish righthand slope (when looking downhill). However, soon we descended below the clouds and got Prestholtseter in clear view. From there, we followed the well established track back to Ustaoset. We arrived well ahead of the 1630 train that took us back to Bergen after a nice trip.