• Sydpolen
  • 962 m
  • Primary factor 139 m
  • South summit on Gulfjellet
  • Location: North 60:21.508, East 5:35.024
  • Climbed March 14, 2006


How to get there: See the description of Gulfjellet.
Another, very nice approach is to start from Hausdalen. Drive south from Bergen, towards Stavanger. Shortly after you pass the lake Kalandsvatnet, look for a sign (going left), reading "Hausdalen 10". Turn onto this road and drive it to the end. There is parking just after the big turn-around place. The location is N60:20.013 E005:32.138, elevation approximately 100 meter.
Route description:
From Osavatn The easiest way (skiing) is likely to take the normal route towards Gulfjellet, this route runs up a distinct gully (called Ålen), on top of this gully the ski route turns sharply right and follows another gully south. When you exit from this gully, the ski route to Gulfjellet again turns north. From here, one can go a bit north of east, cross a small lake, then climb Sydpolen ascending a pretty obvious slope going south.
From Hausdalen Proceed along the forest road to the base of the south ridge coming down from Sydpolen. Then just ascend this ridge, the longest continuous uphill in the city of Bergen.
Comments: The view south is outstanding, similarly towards east. One should note that the highest point is about 500 meter north from the cairn.
Trips in December 2010
I hiked from Hausdalen on Saturday December 18. and then again on Monday December 20. On both days, I returned down to Korketrekkeren across Toro and down the nice and gentle ridge connecting back down to Hausdalen.