Mount Shasta

  • Mt. Shasta
  • 4316 m
  • Primary factor 2979 m
  • California
  • Climbed June 1979.


How to get there: The natural starting point for this climb is the small village of Shasta at the base of this impressive mountain.
Route description: Day 1, we drove from San Francisco and hiked up the lower part of the glacier to a relatively flat area where we pitched our tent for the night. Day 2, With crampons and ice axe, but no rope necessary, one hikes straight up the ice towards some red cliffs at the horizon. Passing these, still on the ice, one approaches the final slopes of the mountain. At the very end one traverses a fairly flat area before making the very last climb to the highest point of the mountain. Return the same way, we had a great glissade, controlled by axe (or backpack) back down to the tent. After a good dinner in Shasta we hit the road with a late return to the Bay Area.
Comments: Mt. Shasta is very impressive, since there is no other mountain nearby. The smell of sulphur near the summit reminds all climbers that this is a volcano.