• Rjoandeggi
  • 1339 m
  • Primary factor 250 meter
  • Location: North 60.74375, East 006.88480
  • Voss, Norway.
  • Difficulty: (YDS) class 2
  • Climbed January 16th. 2022.


How to get there:
Take the local train from Bergen to the small railway station named Ljosandbotnen. This is a small station after Mjølfjell on the railroad between Voss and Myrdal.
Route description:
Follow the road that runs into the Ljosanddalen valley on the left side of the river. This road eventually crosses the river, leave the road here and do a gradual ascent towards the big bowl located south of Rjoandeggi (north of the small 1102m top named Grånakken). Continue up, ascending this bowl towards the main crest a bit southwest of the summit. Turn uphill on the main ridge and ascend to the summit cairn.
This was a DNT topptur, ie. a ski trip to a local summit. Lars Robert was co-trip leader, thanks a lot! We had 11 participants, so a group of 13. We took the 0829 train from Bergen, arriving around 1040. Ready to ski shortly aftere arrival, we skied on fresh new snow along the road into Ljosanddalen. Enough snow to have easy passage up to treeline. The weather stayed nice until we made 1200 meter of elevation near the main crest. Here, the wind picked up and the weather quickly detoriated. We arrived at the cairn on the summit in a blizzard, clearly it was time to rapidly descend.
Lower down, the wind was calmer, but unfortunately, the light was difficult. This makes skiing hard since it is almost impossible to see any details. Still, everybody made it down to the area with vegetation, here we had a short break for some food and drink. Next, we all glided back down to the road providing easy skiing back to the railroad. A short hour in the (heated) waiting room, before the 1609 train brought us back to Bergen.