• Storheia
  • 566 m
  • Primary factor 420 m
  • Highest in Trondheim
  • Location: North 63:24.131, East 010:12.064 (GPS at the summit)
  • Hiked many times 1970-1975. Also November 15. 2009.
  • Difficulty: YDS class 1.


How to get there: The normal hike (summer and winter) would start from Skistua, the parking area high on Gråkallen.
Route description: There are several alternative trails. Typically, one will hike by the lake Vintervann, first towards Elgsethytta, then fork left where a sign says Storheia. The trail will then take you up to lake Kvistingen and run a bit higher than the lake (lake on your left side) before ascending the final uphill to the top of Storheia.
Comments: I hiked and skied this hill many times in the period 1970-1975, while I attended NTH in order to obtain a Master Degree in Physics.
I returned on a visit to Pål Jørgen on November 15, 2009. We took the tram to Lian and hiked by the hut Stykket (where I organized a ski competition back in 1972), then further to the hut Grønlia. From Grønlia, we hiked along a smaller trail crossing the small valley before ascending the hill up to the end of lake Kvisitingen. From here, it is pretty obvious how to ascend the final slopes leading up to the Storheia summit.
From Storheia, we hiked the normal route to Vintervann, then back towards the city via lake Kobberdammen and Baklidammen to Teisendammen and then downhill to Ila where Pål Jørgen has his apartment. We started out around 1140 and reached the Storheia summit at 1315, we were back at Ila at 1530, a trip of approximately 17 kilometer.