• Sætredalsfjellet
  • 1526 m
  • Primary factor 856 meter
  • Location: North 62.11699, East 006.80868, (GPS at the summit)
  • Jordalen, Norway.
  • Difficulty: (YDS) class 2
  • Climbed May 15. 2015.


How to get there:
From Grodås in Hornindal, take Hwy. 60 towards Stranda. However, before this road descends towards Hellesylt, take Hwy. 655 left towards Norangfjorden. Drive uphill, then more flat, you will immediately see Sætredalsfjellet up on your right hand side. A farmers field will appear on your right and you will notice the river that runs down the hill from the small upper valley between Sætredalsfjellet and the pointed peak to its left, named xx. A small farmers road forks right, find parking or proceed with caution to the place where there is a sign for the trail. Park here, location N62.09755, E006.77041, elevation about 300 meter.
Route description:
Proceed along the signed farmers road to the beginning of the hill. There are a couple of gates and more signs pointing out where the trail runs. The trail is also marked with red, painted dots. This trail is quite easy to follow and it will take you up the hill more or less parallel to the creek, on its left side (facing uphill).
You will soon reach the upper valley, there is a larger cairn here to show how the trail starts downhill. Cross the creek and head uphill while traversing a bit left. You should find a very nice line that runs uphill to a locally flat area at location N62.11610, E006.79564, elevation about 1230 meter.
From this spot, head straight uphill until you reach a shallow saddle. Turn right, stay away from cornices and ascend to the top. Here you will see that the true summit is a bit further along, the ridge is quite broad, but corniced on its left side. Continue along this top ridge and arrive at a nice summit with a very good view.
Åke and I started out from our small headquarter in Hellesylt, and drove back up to the trailhead. We were ready to hike at 0715. The trail was easy to follow and after crossing the creek at the upper end, we left our skis and continued on foot from location N62.10819, E006.78410, elevation about 750 meter. We took a line that first went a bit left, then uphill along a small depression, before a long ascending traverse left. Finally, a short right before entering more gentle terrain were we again could go left in order to reach a nice, completely flat spot at location N62.11610, E006.79564, elevation about 1230 meter. We took a short rest here, the conditions were close to perfect. Good crust provided nice conditions for our crampons. The sky was blue and the views second to none.
The remaining route to the summit was much less steep and we arrived there at 1015. 3 hours. We stayed about 15 minutes, a small breeze and the fact that our slope of ascent would receive sunlight made us return along the same route without a very long stay on the top.
We were back down at the car by 1245, having made 2 nice stops along the way - without the cold wind at the summit. Many thanks to Åke for good company to a fine summit.