Yr Wyddfa

  • Yr Wyddfa
  • 1085 m
  • Primary factor 1038 m
  • In western Wales
  • Highest in Wales
  • Location: North 53:4.132, West 004:04.535
  • Climbed in July 1996.


How to get there: We stayed in the historic Pen-y-Gwryd Hotel. The hotel has a good collection of old mountaineering literature. Sir Edmund Hillary stayed there during winter training on Snowdon before his climb of Everest. The hotel has a Danish staff, an outdoor pool with (cold) mountain water, a nice sauna next to the pool, in short a place that can be recommended.
Route description: There are several routes. The best place to start is likely the trail head and parking lot at Gorphwysfa only a few minutes drive from the hotel. From here one can do a well known horse-shoe traverse on the ridges that enclose the Llyn Llydaw lake. This traverse will bring you across the summit. One can also hike into the basin by the lake and climb the ridge much closer to the summit or a combination traversing half of the ridge.
Comments: This mountain is also called Mount Snowdon. There is a railway going to the summit from the other side.