• Hjortåsen
  • 208 m
  • Primary factor 208 m
  • Os, Hordaland, Norway
  • Location: North 60:10.148 East 005:21.519 (GPS on the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 1
  • Climbed February 25, 2012.


How to get there:
Drive south towards Os on E-39. Continue towards Haljem (right in the first traffic circle), exit right in the next traffic circle and drive Hwy. 160 to the island Strøno. From the middle of the bridge, drive 2 kilometer, keeping left at the road forks. Just as you drive gently downhill, look for a small road that forks right. It has a small sign saying "Ulike nr. 145-165". Take this road and follow it 300 meter. The trailhead is in a sharp right curve, there is parking here on the left side of the curve. This location is N60:09.692 E005:21.546, elevation about 73 meter.
Route description:
A very clear trail heads uphill from the road. When this trail reaches its high point, continue straight ahead. Ignore the small trail that runs right, but leave the big trail as it curves left. Your trail follows the power line. Continue from the power pole that is now near the trail, to the next power pole, then another stretch to a new power pole. Just as the trail starts a more distinct downhill slope and as you clearly see the fjord ahead, locate a clear trail that forks right and runs gently uphill. This is the correct trail. After a gentle climb and a level passage, this trail climbs steeply among trees parallel to a small creek. Higher up, you may see a small wooden sign just before the final hill. The official summit has a summit register. However, there is a second summit further north that may be slightly higher.
Continue along the trail as it descends to the col between the two summits. A small trail continues uphill and gains the high point. Slightly below this high point, there is a mobile antenna.
I started out at 1255 and reached the first summit around 1310. Returning from the second summit at 1325, I was back at the car by 1350.