• Kringdalsnipa
  • 1048 m.
  • Primary factor 113 meter
  • Location: Hordaland.
  • Location: North 60.71735, East 006.04363 (GPS at the summit)


How to get there:
Drive from Bergen towards Voss along E-16. About 5 tunnels after Dale, you get to Bolstadøyri. The best exit is number 2, a bit more than one kilometer after the sign for the train station. Turn left, cross the river, go left, then uphill (right) to Horveid. Turn right again and locate a toll road (self serve, NOK 50. in 2014) that serves the huts up by the mountain. There is one fork higher in the hillside where you should go right. There is parking at the end of the road, location N60.67604, E006.01030, elevation 490 meter.
First, ski towards Hatlekinni, you follow the open area with some forest on your right hand side. Gradually turn right towards the col between Hatlekinni and the ridge on your right that will provide access to Kringdalsnipa. Most likely, you will find ski tracks that may be followed. The route is also marked with cairns. You first ascend Taulafjellet, 994m, passing the summit on the right hand side (south side). You will see the big Blåvasshorgi quite close on your right hand side. Next, cross Flatafjellet, there are a few ups and downs along here. Finally, ascend to the summit of Kringdalsnipa, marked with a small cairn.
This was the first working day (a Monday) after I retired from full time work on New Years Eve. The weather was superb and I decide to go skiing. In fact, it seemed necessary to check out the snow conditions as I was going to guide a group of 14 (for DNT Mountaineering) this coming Sunday.
I arrived at the parking shortly before noon and noticed that a rather marginal snow cover still provided snow to ski from the car. I first skied up into the col between Hatlekinni and my intended route, then ascended onto the mountain. The route was quite long and not perfect for rando-skis as I had to cross a few small ups and downs, hard work without skins on the return ski.
I arrived at the cairn by 1415 and spent about 10 minutes. Beautiful white mountains all around. A very low January sun soon about to set. It seemed almost perfect, I skied back down in one hour arriving at my car as the sun set coloring the mountains pink.