Nunatak Dent

  • Nunatak Dent
  • 1990 m.
  • Dronning Louise Land, North-East Greenland
  • Location: North 76.36130, West 26.33423
  • Climbed May 29th 2000


How to get there: The summit is located at 76.21.678 north, 26.20.054 west, this is a GPS measurement at the summit.
Route description: Along the west ridge from the glacier, quite easy.
Comments: This was a second ascent, 6 members of the team climbed this along the north-east ridge on May 20th on the way to TWMC Fjeld. I did this farewell climb in Dronning Louise Land while waiting for the Twin Otter ski-plane to come in and pick us up. The fog was closing in from the east adding uncertainty to our departure (which still took place on schedule).