Many thanks to all the individuals that (directly or indirectly) have contributed to the information listed on these pages. Although, strictly speaking this information is generic in the sense of being geographical facts, the effort required to find and check this type of information, in particular, the "primary factor/prominence data" is substantial.

Arnt Flatmo for many facts, in particular wrt. Hordaland, his information on mountains and hiking in Western Norway is the best and most complete available.
Arnt is always there to help me with my numerous questions regarding photography, web design and much more. Without his help, there would be no Google map displaying the mountains I have climbed.

Edward Arthur Earl, for sending me Winprom output data for Scandinavia. This enabled me to do an extra quality check on the Scandinavia prominence tables as well as extending these down to the 600-700 meter range.

Richard Webb, "Bags of wee hills" for several entries in Norway and on Svalbard.

Andy Martin, for introducing (to me) the word "prominence", as well introducing me to the extensive world of "prominence collectors". He has made extensive, early contributions to the Colorado list.

Jonathan de Ferranti, for providing many mountain panorama view plots that have been invaluable in identifying peaks on panorama pictures. His extensive data has also helped confirm and verify the prominence of many peaks both in Norway and in the rest of the world.

David Olson and Ryan Schilling for essentially the complete Colorado list.

John Biggar, for his informative guidebooks about the Andes.

A standard reference for the Alps is:
"The alpine 4000m peaks by the classic routes: A Guide for Mountaineers" by Richard Goedeke, Hill Neate (translator) Menasha Ridge Press; ISBN 089732111, 240 pages.
From the original title:
"4000er; Die Normalwege auf alle Viertausender in den Alpen" von Richard Goedeke, Bruckmann, Mchn.

Eberhard Jurgalski, for pointing out several references including his own extensive work on this matter.

Jarle Nilsen, for his extensive knowledge about mountains in Troms.

Geir Åke Dahlen, for pointing out a "missed saddle" for the mountain Tron (fjellet), making this the 85th. Norwegian peak with prominence exceeding 1000 meter.

Arne Eriksen, for pointing out that an unnamed point, called Sandhornet by the locals, is a prominent mountain in Vesterålen, Norway (demoting Vardetinden).

Tony Higgins, for supplying valuable information about early ascents in East Greenland.

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