• Gråheivarden
  • 1271 m
  • Primary factor 364 meter
  • Location: North 60.21502, East 006.26485 (GPS on the summit)
  • Romsdalen, Norway
  • Difficulty: (YDS) class 2+
  • Climbed June 7. 2021.


How to get there:
From Bergen, drive Hwy. 7 to Nordheimsund, then turn right and drive to the ferry at Tørvikbygd. The ferry leaves 10 minutes before the hour. In Jondal, turn right and drive about 6 kilometer. In the small traffic circle immediately before the tunnel, exit right. After roughly one kilometer, fork left and head uphill. You will notice a self serve toll pay, NOK 50 in 2021. Continue uphill, then turn right at a fork and find parking at location N60.23289, E006.20741, elevation about 175 meter.
Route description:
Continue around the left bend on the forest road and locate a trail (sign for Daurmåldalen) that forks left. This trail is well marked with red "T". The trail will soon climb out of the big trees and ascend steeply on slabs of rock. A rope is there in case of slippery rock. Higher up, the trail makes a first, nice plateau. Next, another more gentle climb to reach the proper valley, Daurmåldalen. A small water intake for a power plant was under construction in 2021. Continue along the trail to the very end of the valley. The trail markers will get you back onto the trail when you temporarily loose it.
The route now climbs the slope ahead, first on the left, then traversing towards the river. The upper section is narrow and in early summer (mid June) may still have snow. A perfectly good alternative is then to rather turn left and ascend a distinct gully that climbs steeply. This gully has an easy exit left at the very top, location N60.20375, E006.22961. Once on easier terrain, look left, a natural passage connects fairly horizontally across the terrain just above steeper cliffs. You should cross to the far side of the small streams that run down the cliffs. A big boulder may be best bypassed on the left (outside). You should now be close to location N60.20643, E006.23476, just below 900 meter of elevation. A distinct gully extends quite a long way uphill. This gully may be climbed, one may also (more easily) walk on the rocks just to the right of this gully. This option is best when the smooth rock is dry and provides good friction. Gradually, the slope eases, in early summer there may still be snow in the small valley that continues uphill.
The final ascent is now about 2 kilometer, one can follow a natural route staying left (north) of the small lakes, ascending the summit from the west. The summit is marked by a pretty tall cairn.
The forecast called for a near perfect day. I left Bergen early and arrived 30 seconds late for the ferry! After an hour wait, I was finally crossing the fjord to Jondal. I left my car at the trailhead at 0835 and enjoyed the nice landscape as I ascended to the hidden valley Daurmålsdalen. At the valley entrance, construction was in progress (however nobody there on a Monday morning) to make a water intake for a small hydro power plant.
This valley is really nice, unfortunately, a power line disturbs the wilderness somewhat. A sign posted on a tree warns hikers about possible snow in the upper, steeper exit from the valley. Arriving there, I could easily observe the snow. I carried crampons and an ice axe, so getting up should not be difficult. However, I decided to explore an alternative gully going more left first. This route was free of snow and provided relatively easy access (YDS class 2+) to the terrain above.
I next traversed left in order to gain what looked like easier terrain (some vegetaition). Some spots of easy scrambling, the rock was also dry providing good friction. This section is the crux of the route, but overall pretty easy. I hit snow above here and walked on good snow essentially all the remaining distance to the summit. The 2 small lakes still had ice.
I arrived at 1205, so 3:30 up. Very nice views of the Folgefonn glacier. I rested and enjoyed this fine summit until 1220, then descended my route of ascent. Back at my car at 1525, an overall trip of 6:50. The ferry back from Jondal leaves 20 past the hour. Summer temperature, 23 C, I enjoyed a cone of strawberry ice cream while waiting.