Monte Amaro

  • Monte Amaro
  • 2795 m
  • Primary factor 1812 m
  • Location: North 42:05.181, East 014:05.155 (GPS at the summit)
  • Abruzzo, Italy
  • Difficulty: YDS class 1
  • Climbed: July 7, 2011


How to get there:
This mountain is located in Abruzzo, east of Rome and south of Pescara. More precisely, go east on the autostrada E80/A25 to Scafa, then locate SS487 that heads south. After about 8 koilometer, leave SS487 and continue on SS22. After a bit more than 15 kilometer on SS22, turn right on SS614. Continue along this road to the very visible antennas and park along the road here. This location is at N42:09.637, E014:07.975, elevation about 1900 meter.
Here is an overview of peaks climbed at my Europe 2012 summer trip.
Route description:
First, hike to the end of the road. One may follow the paved road to its end or take a couple of pretty obvious short cuts. In any case, at the end of the road take the trail that starts out on the left side of the ridge. This trail traverses nicely and stays on the left side of the ridge (and small summits) (previous photo is taken looking back) that connects with the mountains further ahead.
There is a col at location N42:07.432, E014:06.834, elevation approximately 2100 meter, with a water drinking fountain. From here, the route climbs more significantly uphill.
The trail forks part way up this slope. The correct choice here is to go right and climb as directly uphill (there are a few paths) to the top ridge. You will arrive at a marker and some signs on top of Monte Focalone, 2680 m. Monte Focalone is just part of a ridge as there is no significant prominence.
From here, you can see the red hut that is on the top of Monte Amaro. Take the trail that heads in that direction, descending to a col at N42:06.081, E014:06.601, elevation about 2570 meter. After ascending to the next local top, the trail descends again, this time traversing on the south side of a second local summit before descending to the lowest col along the route at approximately 2545 meter. The route ascends toward the next top, then traverses left along a distict ledge below the summit cliffs. One may also ascend directly up and cross over this summit without much extra effort. Next, one finally arrives in the col at the base of Monte Amaro. There is a hut down to your left. The trail is pretty distinct, climbing rightwards before cutting left and ascending more gentle terrain before arriving at the summit cross. The characteristic red hut is located slightly lower a little bit further along.
We stayed in the rather unique Castello di Semivicoli (Chieti), they were hosting a wedding the next day, but Heidi could enjoy the property until my return. Unfortunately, we would need to relocate for the next night.
I started early, and was ready to leave my car at 0635. The route was pretty obvious and I soon overtook another hiker at the distinct col with a drinking water station, just before the slope up towards the summit called Monte Focalone, 2676 meter. The day was just perfect and I made good progress up the first long uphill. It is always good to see the destination, from Focalone the red hut on Amaro came into view for the first time. It looked like a long way, but not impossibly so. The next section contains several ups and downs, it was good to approach the final ascent that would bring me to the summit.
I arrived at the summit marker at 1015 and felt that I was on a good schedule. The view was quite nice, I looked back across to the second highest peak, Acqueviva and thought that I perhaps could climb it on my way back. I subsequently visited the small red hut, obviously quite ok for spending a night. Leaving at 1030, I hiked back pretty much the same route, except for traversing across the summit of the first subsidiary peak on my return hike. Back on Focalone, it certainly looked like I could pay a visit to Acqueviva. This is an extra detour, but of fairly short duration. I made that summit at 1215, rested until 1230, then hiked back down to my car at 1500. It had been a very nice day with near perfect conditions.