• Vassfjellet
  • 711 m
  • Primary factor 523 m
  • Trondheim, Norway
  • Location: North 63.26208, East 010.35636 (GPS at the summit)
  • Climbed February 9, 2019.
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2


How to get there:
Drive south from Trondheim on E-6, then follow signs for Klæbu. Take Hwy. 704 south (before Klæbu.), then fork right on Hwy. 6594, signs for Ler. Turn right after Tangen farm (near lake Målsj&oring;en), the sign shows a P (parking) and Langmyra. This road has a toll, one must pay with a (debit) card, NOK 50 (2019), Park at the large parking lot at location N63.24164, E010.40697, elevation about 290 meter.
Ski the beginning of a 15 km loop, stay right at forks. Find a ski track that connects with the lower part of the alpine ski slopes a bit to the north. Find a nice, pretty gentle hill that may be easily skied up, this is part of the downhill ski slopes. Continue uphill, you will end up on the main crest north of the summit. Ski south, near the top station of the highest skilift, contour slightly higher, but avoid the highest area since it often has bad skiing, too little snow up there. Soon, you will see the tall antenna mast on the south side of the summit ridge with some more antennas located on a building further north.
Note: There is a road going all the way to the summit from the small community called Kvål on the south side of the mountain.
I was serving as an expert judge in a court case in Trondheim. It was extremely nice to stay in the house of my long time friend Jostein. We had agreed already before my arrival that the weekend would be used for skiing. Jostein proposed Vassfjellet and I was happy to visit a p500 meter peak in Trøndelag.
We started at 1230 and quickly decided that the best way up was skiing on the easier slopes of the downhill area. We reached the summit at 1400 after quite troubled skiing (lack of snow) across the last few top ridges. Leaving at 1430, we picked a lower route back to the highest skilift station, then followed the same route down as we had ascended. Connecting back to the groomed cross country ski tracks was a bit tricky and we crossed some slightly rough terrain getting to Flåsætra. Here, Jostein broke his ski. He was already about to get tired and the broken ski made progress even slower. We were back at the car by 1630.
Having skied a summit, we decided to stay with the groomed tracks on the following Sunday. Very nice terrain and a good 15 kilometer loop. Thanks to Jostein for great hospitality and very good company!