Le Mont Saint-Michel

  • Le Mont Saint-Michel
  • 80 m
  • Primary factor 80 m
  • Location: Normandy, France
  • Difficulty: YDS class 1
  • Climbed June 28, 2012.


How to get there:
Mont Saint-Michel is located on the coast mainly north (and a little east) of the city Rennes. Closer locations include the village Avranches. More precisely, locate the intersection between road N175/E401 and D976 and head west picking up road D275. Alternatively, drive directly north on Hwy. D976 from Hwy, N175/E401 near the village of Pontorson.
Mont Saint-Michel receives several millions of visitors every year. The rock is a UNESCO world heritage site. A large parking area has been established among farmers fields off the coast. A shuttle service based on electric shuttles will take you from the nearby village to the rock itself.
Route description:
The sightseeing route that visits the various churches and buildings is straightforward. There is an entrance fee to be paid.
This famous tidal-island was visited as part of the conference DD21 in Rennes, France. The excursion was concluded with a nice dinner in a farm house a few kilometers inland.

After this conference, Heidi and I started our summer vacation in Europe, 2012. This trip included several nice mountains in France, Italy and Slovenia.
A quick reference and summary can be seen here.