• Grytfoten
  • 1019 m
  • Primary factor 149 meter
  • Location: North 65:57.447, East 012:36.601 (GPS on the summit)
  • The second "sister" counting from the north
  • Helgeland, Norway
  • Climbed September 27th 2003.


How to get there: This mountain is located on the island Alsten on the Helgeland coast in Northern Norway. A good starting point is the small village Sandnessjøen. Sandnessjøen can be reached by air or by car from Mosjøen (on the main Hwy. E-6) via Hwy. 78 and Hwy. 17, a distance of 68 km. One can also travel north or south along the coastal highway 17 to Sandnessjøen.
From Sandnessjøen, travel about 2 km south along Hwy. 17, locate a sign to the "Syv Søstre" (Seven Sisters) and Breidmo on a smaller road going left. Follow this road almost 4 km and locate a new sign "Syv Søstre" pointing left, this short road leads to parking next to a small power transformer station.
Route description: This route is described under the Botnkrona entry.
Comments: This is the second of the seven sisters when numbered north to south. I did this climb with my friend Arnt Flatmo, see Botnkrona for more comments.