Cobb Mountain

  • Cobb Mountain
  • 1443 m
  • Primary factor 974 meter
  • Location: North 38.80725, West 122.74046 (GPS at the summit)
  • California
  • Difficulty: (YDS) class 2
  • Climbed March 4. 2018.
  • Note: Both elevation and key saddle interpolated.


How to get there:
This mountain is located between Santa Rosa (south) and Clear Lake (north). From Clear Lake, drive Hwy. 175 south to the small place called Cobb (road intersection, a gas station, motel and restaurant). Continue about 1.5 kilometer, then turn right (Whispering Pine) and drive uphill to find the trailhead at the end of the road. This location is N38.81382, W122.71667, elevation about 885 meter.
Route description:
Cross the gate and follow the old track as it climbs uphill. Take the uphill direction at a couple of forks. The track is overgrown in places and there are a few fallen trees across as well. Higher up (at least with snow) the track is less well defined and one may as well just head uphill towards the top. This will get you to the east summit, there are some antennas here. A clear track/road connects this summit with the main summit via a very shallow saddle. The main summit also has antenna installations, there is an open gate, but no fence. A good example that more such sites should follow!
The summit is on top of a big boulder. The view is partially obstructed by the trees. Most everywhere a forest fire has damaged the trees.
I stayed at a friendly motel in Cobb, with dinner at the local pub. Leaving early, I located parking next to some trees on the right hand side a bit beyond the old red truck. I was ready to hike by 0645.
There was snow already at the trailhead, gradually getting deeper higher up. The hike uphill a bit more heavy work than normal due to postholing or at least plodding in the snow all the time. I arrived at the summit at 0830, so 1:45 up. A few pictures and a 10 minute rest seemed well deserved. The forest all over the upper part of this mountain has suffered damage from a recent fire.
I was back down at 0930, so only 50 minutes on the return hike. This huge time difference is typical for the conditions. Walking downhill in a track is much easier with snow on the ground.
I now drove to Santa Rosa hoping to climb Hood Mountain in the afternoon.