Vest Tverrfjellet

  • Vest Tverrfjellet
  • 1831 m.
  • Primary factor 100 m.
  • Jostedalsbreen, Norway
  • Location: North 61:48.220, East 007:12.466
  • Climbed in May


How to get there: This is a place that one may visit while skiing from Skåla to Lodalskåpa. See these entries for more information. The most direct point of access would be from Bødalsseter, a DNT hut that can be reached via a small road forking left from the road along the Loen lake. This road starts in the small village of Loen, not to far from the somewhat larger village of Stryn.
Route description: When skiing down from point 1925 (on the Tindefjell glacier route from Skåla to Lodalskåpa), one can either proceed directly from the lowest point along a traverse to the saddle on the very top of Strupebreen (right next to Lodalskåpa), this skiing will have a ridge up on its left and the Kåpevanet lake down on the right. However, one may also choose to ski along this ridge. This route is easy to ski and brings you across this 1831 meter point before descending to the Strupebreen col.
Comments: We skied this ridge route in a day of quite bad weather and almost no visibility. We continued around Tverrfjellet and down to Vetledalsseter (DNT hut) in Erdalen. The next day we skied up Småttene and down the Brattebakken route to Bødalen.