• Blåtinden
  • 1217 m.
  • Primary factor 642 m
  • Møre og Romsdal, Norway
  • Location: North 62.18101, East 006.31930 (GPS at the summit)
  • Climbed on May 7, 2017.


How to get there:
This mountain is located near the two villages Volda and Ørsta on Sunnmøre, the nearest big city (to the north) is Ålesund. From Volda, head east following the road that runs to Sæbø, located at the west side of the fjord Hjørundfjorden. As soon as the Hwy. (655) starts heading north / northeast, locate the downhill ski area on your left. Turn off the Hwy. and find the local parking area near location N62.15067, E006.28685, elevation about 320 meter.
First, head up the downhill ski area. The skilift ends on a local hilltop. Circumvent this at about 650 meter of elevation by going left or right (I went left and that worked fine). Cross the small lake and head towards the steep slope of Blåtinden. Turn gradually a bit left as you find a good line into the small valley and subsequently, up on the short, but distinct ridge that extends out and provides a natural way of access into the main slope further right.
Proceed horizontally into the main slope just below some rocky section, turn left (uphill), and ascend directly to a shoulder on the main crest. From here, continue up this ridge, keeping a safe distance from the cornices on the left (steep) side. The slope gradually becomes more and more flat, the last part of the route is essentially horizontal. There seems to be two summit points, the highest one is near the far end (north-east).
I was visiting my friend Arnt this weekend and we had skied to the summit of Torvløysa on Saturday. Before flying home, I was extremely happy to also do this peak, more conveniently located. Arnt had been here before, but not recently. We started at 0800 and left our shoes (put on our skis) at 0840, near the top of the first downhill slope. The morning crust called for crampons and ascending on foot up the steeper section. We reached the summit after about 2:45 and stayed for about 15 minutes enjoying the very nice views from this peak. The return trip took about 1:30.
Thanks to Arnt for great hospitaliity and a very succesful weekend with great weather, skiing and scenery.