• Hestdalshøgdi
  • 2091 m
  • Primary factor 641 m
  • Skjåk, Oppland, Norway
  • Location: North 61.80081, East 008.03636
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2
  • Climbed: May 19, 2013


How to get there:
From Lom in the Otta valley (branch from Gudbrandsdalen), drive 27.2 kilometer up the valley (Hwy. 15 towards Grotli and STryn), in order to find a small mountain road that branches off to your left. It may be easier to continue to Dønnfoss where Hwy. 486 branches left to Sota sæter. From here, backtrack about 300 meter, and take the first turnoff to your right. This is a toll road, The toll was NOK 50 in 2013. The road is called Tundradalen/Skjellom. That is, about one kilometer from the beginning of this road, there is a fork and the left fork runs more uphill to the summer farm houses called Skjellom. Take this branch. The road runs steeply uphill with several sharp curves, there is parking just before the buildings that are located on a small hilltop to your right. The elevation is about 890 meter.
Route description:
From the parking, head directly uphill, stay to the right of the creek that is visible on your left side. Continue on gradually more flat terrain. You will see some higher, rounded hills up fron and partly on your left. A somewhat smaller hill appears closer. A good route is to enter the very shallow depression between this first hill and the terrain behind. Next. follow around while climbing gently in order to stay at a reasonable compromise between elevation gain and length of route. A line that touches about 1720 meter is pretty good. You will gradually see the mountain more directly. Descend very gently to the broad connecting pass.
You are now at roughly 1600 meter and a gentle slope runs 490 vertical meter uphill to a pretty large summit plateau.
We had breakfast at Fossheim in Lom around 0800 and then drove to the trailhead. Leaving at 0940, we made good progress up the easy slopes and arrived at the summit around 1400. Very nice and warm weather, we stayed around for almost 30 minutes enjoying the views all around. The view across to Nordre Hestbrepiggen, (that we climbed the day before), was particularly nice. Our descent was also easy and we reached the car at 1740. The temperature in the valley had soared to 24 degrees, we had dinner (steak of moose) outside. In order to guarantee an early start the next morning, we decided to drive to the planned trailhead at Sota sæter and sleep outside until the next morning. Thus, we drove up to the end of the road and rolled out our sleepingbags in the nice and dry mountain vegetation. We had bought some rolls as an evening snack, then quickly fell asleep.