Mountaineering related links.

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Peaks and Trip reports in Norway:

Fjellforum, Internet forum on mountains, mainly in Norway, but in Norwegian., Arnt Flatmo's comprehensive description and guide to mountains in Hordaland, Sogn og Fjordane and Møre og Romsdal., Steinar Mikkelsen has a very nice description of hikes and mountains in Rogaland. Unfortunately, in Norwegian.

Nordland, Kjell Iversen's reports, but in Norwegian.

World Wide Vikings, Mainly Norwegian County HP, also country HP, but in Norwegian.

Peaks and Trip reports in Europe:

4000 meter peaks in the Alps, Information in English and German.

Hartmut's mountains, Europe (and more) available in English and German., Hiking in Italy, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia.

Peaks and Trip reports from the USA:

County Highpointing

Ultras in the lower 48 states.

Peaks and Trip reports from the rest of the World:

World Wide Peakbagging, reports and climbers. A page with focus on 8000 meter peaks.

Prominence related links:

Peaklist, A large collection of prominence related data.

Jonathan de Ferranti, Prominence oriented page, lots of information.

Europeaklist, A forum on European mountains.

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