Mount of the Holy Cross

  • Mount of the Holy Cross
  • 4269 m.
  • Primary factor 642 m.
  • 51st in Colorado
  • Location: North 39:28.010, West 106:28.901
  • Climbed in August 1997


How to get there: From the road connecting Vail to Leadville, US 24, two miles south of Minturn, just before bridge, take a right on a dirt road and follow this to the end, Halfmoon camp.
Route description: The trail climbs over Halfmoon Pass, then descends into the valley. After crossing the creek, the trail ascends a broad ridge leading up to the summit proper. The climb is a good hike, easy walking all the way, but a bit more vertical due to the first pass.
Comments: There is a famous snow gully, which together with a horizontal ledge (with snow on it) forms a cross. The mountain used to be a National Monument due to the cross, but has been demoted to National Forest since the cross has lost some quality due to erosion and rock slides.