• Småbrekkebukken
  • 1129 m.
  • Primary factor 126 m
  • Hordaland, Norway
  • Location: North 60.51651, East 005.96278 (GPS at the summit)
  • Climbed on April 22, 2017.


How to get there:
This mountain is located directly north of the nice DNT self-serve hut Gullhorgabu. The most convenient routes to Gullhorgabu is either from the north, starting at Småbrekkene (elevation 524m) along the road from Dale to Hamlagrø. Alternatively, one may start from the south, from the parking at lake Kvitingsvatnet. This report coveres a start from the south.
Route description:
First ski from lake Kvitingvatnet to the DNT hut Gullhorgabu. From Gullhorgabu, ski uphill to north-west. Cross over a small, local hill then descend to a local col on the inside, be careful, there are cliffs, but a gentle slope connects down, sort of a bit left after reaching this small hill. From the col, ski left just below cliffs, then ascend more steeply a large couloir, just east of point 998. Evaluate avalanche hazard. This passage connects to the lake at elevation 917m. The route continues right across the lake, sort of left. Two very distinct couloirs connects to the horizon. Pick the leftmost. Referring to the picture, there are 3 upper couloirs, the route runs up the leftmost. I first ascended the leftmost couloir entering under the distinct rock, in order to reach the lake. One may also ascend next to the creek, this looks more natural in the picture. As you near the top of this (upper) couloir, ski right and cross the top area of the rightmost couloir. Continue up the main crest, pass the first local top on the left, the remaining stretch to the summit is quite flat across a very wide summit plateau.
I had skied from lake Kvitingvatnet and visited two summits, Hjellafjellet and Bjørnaknausen before a stop at the DNT-hut Gullhorgabu that would be my quarter for the night. After a rest there, the weather looked nicer and I decided to do this summit as an evening ski-tour. Unfortunately, the weather quickly turned into snow, wind and quite a white-out. I had left the hut around 1800 and made the summit by 1930. The return ski was slow, due to the lack of visibility. I was back down by the hut at 2045.