• Solaråstoppen
  • 238 m
  • Primary factor 135 m
  • Location: Hordaland, Norway.
  • Location: North 60.65516, East 005.74121 (GPS on the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2+
  • Attempted January 10, 2020
  • climbed March 28, 2020


How to get there:
Drive E-16 from Bergen to Dale, continue down to the fjord and turn left on Hwy. 569 at Dalseid. The road crosses a bridge to the north side of the fjord, continue to the small place called Kuviki. Find parking on your right hand side immediately, this is location N60.66533, E005.77280.
Route description:
Continue a short stretch along the road to the (private) suspension bridge that crosses over the very narrow (fjord) passage to serve a couple of houses. Follow a small trail that bends left and connects with the rock ramp traversing the cliff up front. The trail is clearer here, even a small handrail on the ramp. The trail is marked with red plastic markers. First, through some trees, then more open as it climbs this first hill, called Fethaugen that one must cross over. You gain about 60 meter before starting to descend. There are two routes, the one that is marked descends near some smaller trees and has a rope for added safety. If you stay high a bit longer (before turning (left) downhill), one may follow a vague track that also connects down with some very easy scrambling. The two paths join on the ridge below and continues down to the base of the main hillside, essentially back at sea level elevation.
Follow the red markers along a vague trail that climbs uphill on the left side of the creek coming down Kvernhusdalen valley. Leave the trail near 70-80 meter of elevation, go right, cross the creek and locate another vague (animal?) trail that climbs southwest towards point 299, (south of Ulaberget). You should enter terrain with a more gentle slope near location N60.65968, E005.76054, elevation about 200 meter. Continue onwards to location N60.65710, E005.75382, elevation near 290 meter. Descend steeply towards the small lake in Tjørnabotnen. There is a small trail descending on the right hand side, but staying near the water drainage. When reaching the level of the lake, move left and continue descending very near the drainage/creek from the small pond. You will now see the target straight across, this is indeed a pretty rugged area. This is the only location that provides a class 2 route. You will get down to the upper part of Kvamsdalen valley. Location N60.65739, E005.74939, elevation near 90 meter.
Locate the obvious col on the ridge ahead with a power mast. Once there, turn left and follow smaller trails and the main crest of the ridge to the summit. You will have good views down to Stamnes as well as further along the fjord to the bridge across to the north part of Osterøy. There are some minor drops along the way, before arriving at a first summit, only a few meter lower than the main summit located south of a small col that is easy to cross. The summit is marked with 2 plastic markers on a nearby tree.
I first tried this trip on January 10th. Unfortunately, I did not start until 1335 and then followed the red markers up into Kvernhusdalen, without paying attention to the route that forks right quite early. I turned around near the highest point in this valley, the time was already 1500 and it would get dark pretty soon. At least, this trip served as a good exploration, to get to know the first part of the way.
Then on March 28th., I needed a short trip and since the forecast called for strong wind at higher elevation, it seemed like a good day to complete this project. I started at 1200, knowing that this hike most likely would encounter pretty rough terrain. The only ascent I knew of (from Peakbook) was already 6 years ago and the guy had used a boat to find a more suitable starting location.
I explored an alternative way to descend from Fethaugen, followed the red markers a bit up the main hillside and forked onto a small trail (animal?) that connected nicely to the meadows higher up. At the col, I located the small pond below and descended on another track just on the right hans side of the drainage. Next, I first explored a possible route downwards while staying all the way to the right, just below the steep cliffs. This looked questionable, thus I went all the way across and located an easier (and safer) route just right of the small creek coming from the pond. This got me down to Kvamsdalen. The route was now pretty obvious and I arrived on the summit around 1400.
Good views and time for some photography. Looking back at Uraberget, it seemed like one could ascend by following Kvamsdalen a bit higher, then turn right and get back to my route of ascent. I decided to try this, unfortunately, the upper part of this route is blocked by a long rockband not visible from Solaråsen. It may be climbed at the very left end, but today this was both very wet and slippery, I decided against it. Following the rockband right, eventually get you to an exit point, however this option was also a bit exposed with rather wet and slippery footing. Thus, I recommend my route of ascent described above. All this took time and I was back at my car at 1615. All in all, a nice trip in rather unfriendly terrain.