• Kvitfjellet
  • 833 m
  • Primary factor 815 m
  • Location: Near Åndalsnes, Norway.
  • Location: North 62:35.945, East 007:26.421, (GPS on the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2 (winter)
  • Climbed February 18, 2007


How to get there: This mountain is near the village of Åndalsnes. As you drive from Åndalsnes towards Molde along Hwy. 64, measure from the big traffic circle located just before the tunnel where Hwy. 64 leaves the town. Continue 23.7 kilometer to Lerheim where there is a signed road forking left. There is a sign saying Rødven. Drive 2.9 kilometer and turn right where there is another sign saying Rødven. Continue 5.8 kilometer, that is 8.7 kilometer from Hwy. 64. At this point turn left, uphill on a smaller farm road. Continue along this road, first you will pass a red building on your left serving the local rifle club. Further uphill, you drive through a farm (30 kilometer speed limit), then there is a road fork where the left fork is signed as a toll road. However, local people did inform me that you normally do not pay toll if you park at the trailhead just before crossing a cattle barrier. Therefore, continue uphill along this left forking road until you see the cattle barrier. Park on your right, do not block traffic. You should see a creek and a road fork immediately ahead. This is the trailhead, location N62:37.038, E007:27.045, elevation 168 meter.
Route description: Cross the cattle barrier and the creek. The forest road heads uphill. There is a second fork, turn left around the small green building and continue along the farm road that heads slightly downhill. You will soon enter an area with fairly open vegetation on the right hand side of your road. In summer, there is likely a marked trail heading gently uphill. Ski gently uphill following open areas crossing short sections filled with more trees. The terrain is quite pleasant for skiing. The route heads up before getting to the end of the ridge that comes down up on your left. At location N62:36.546, E007:26.552, the route heads more steeply uphill. The terrain is still fairly easy to ski both up and down. The trail is marked with some red paint on the trees (red "T"). Gain the broad, flat shoulder above just as the trail also leaves the forest behind. Observe the very distinct ridge coming down from the summit up on your right. Continue towards the lower end of this ridge. As you turn around the lower part of the ridge, you may notice a sign saying "Oksen", the alternative name for this mountain. The route proceeds to cross a rather large bowl that connects to the ridge and continues quite far downhill. This bowl has a slope around 30 degrees and in winter one should verify that there is no avalanche danger related to crossing. In summer, one may also climb up the ridge itself (possibly even in winter). Cross fairly high on an ascending traverse that connects to the more level area on the opposite side. Once across, follow a shallow valley uphill, then climb the final hill to the summit.
See also the description by Arnt.
Comments: This day, Arnt and I had planned to climb Melen, north of Molde. However, the stomach pain that had bothered Arnt on our trip yesterday, came back during the night and it was clear that Arnt would have to rest and see if this trouble could clear.
Melen was really quite a distant goal and given the new situation, it seemed better to aim for Kvitfjellet. Arnt had already been there and thus it should be a priority target when he could not join anyway.
I could use Arnt's new car, quite an enjoyable experience. I quickly made it to Åndalsnes and located the correct farm road. Arnt had penetrated some dense forest while climbing from the south, but later learnt that a trail from the east side was supposed to give easier access.
I soon noticed the club house belonging to the local rifle club, they were having an annual competition. I asked a couple of locals about the trail and received enough information to find it. I left the trailhead at 1110 and could start skiing immediately. I followed a few old tracks and the skiing was quite good. It was warm, no gloves and no wind. Unfortunately, a few drops of rain in the air and completely overcast, but with good visibility. I considered the traverse described above, no problems this time. Many rocks were visible and showed that the snow was pretty stable and very thin in this area.
I made the summit at 1230 and signed the register. Three people had visited before me in 2007. The view is very nice from this location. I had a small snack and no hurry. No wind and warm weather, what a contrast from yesterday. I started down at 1250 and came back to the car already after 30 minutes at 1320. Very nice skiing coming down. I drove back to the shooting range. The competition was in full progress and a local lady was selling warm waffles with delicious jam. Quite an unexpected bonus! The weather showed clear signs of improvement and I made a few brief stops along the road to take additional pictures of this very impressive region.
I was back at Arnt's place well before 1600. His trouble showed signs of progress, we had a good dinner and he taught me a few more useful things about pictures and computers. Many thanks are due for his friendship, patience and great hospitality.