• Dokkampen
  • 1122 m
  • Primary factor 140 m
  • Location: North of Ormtjernskampen.
  • Location: North 61.20208, East 009.80727
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2
  • Climbed: April 15. 2022


How to get there:
In summer, one can drive from Gausdal to Verskei and onwards to Holsbru. Shortly after Holsbru, fork right and drive to Ormtjernsetra.
In winter, a good starting point is Verskei (large parking) or the area near Spåtind hotel next to the big lake Synnfjorden.
From Ormtjernsetra, continue to the creek coming down from the area between Ormtjernkampen and Dokkampen. Find your way through the forest. The best route follows the creek until emerging into more open terrain. Turn left and continue in the direction just left (south) of the cliffs on Dokkampen. Once you have passed the cliffs, turn more right for an easy ascent along gentle slopes. The summit is right next to the cliff, care is needed.
Pål Jørgen and I did visit this peak as a long ski trip from our mountain cabin located by the lake Åltjern. The route then first connects to Verskei, then more or less follows the road from there to Ormtjernsetra. The round trip ski is about 60 kilometer.
It was a very nice Easter Friday. After a good breakfast, we started around 0940. It took us 4 hours to ski to the peak. The summit register showed us to be the first visitors in 2022. After a good break, we skied back the same way with a 10 minute break at Verskei (buy 2 bottles of Coke). We were back at 1810, a very fine day of skiing.