Climbed mountains with prominence between 600 (2000 feet) and 1000 meter.

Here is a list of some mountains I have climbed.

This list is ranked (sorted) according to the "primary factor" (in the US also called "prominence") of the peak.

Mountains with prominence exceeding 600 meter are considered "Major Mountains".

The column "vertical climb" lists the vertical elevation from the actual trailhead to the summit.
Note that the actual vertical gain may be substantially higher.

#MountainHeightPrimary factorVertical climbComments
332Snøhetta1506 m996 m1263 mTroms, Norway
333Glittertin2465 m995 m1085 mJotunheimen, Norway
334Sandhornet993 m993 m993 mNordland, Norway
335Mælefjell1413 m990 m723 mTelemark, Norway
336Medicine Bow Peak3662 m989 m466 mWyoming, USA
337Storfonn1587 m985 m1412 mSogn of Fjordane, Norway
338Sierra de L˙jar1878 m983 m25 mSouth of Sierra Nevada, Spain
339Nonstinden1573 m983 m1100 mNear Åndalsnes, Norway
340Storehaugfjellet1173 m983 m673 mSogndal, Norway
341Blåfjellet1293 m981 m793 mNordland, Norway
342Monte Perdido3355 m977 m2322 mPyrenees, Spain
343Ø. Gråhøe2014 m976 m1282 mOppland, Norway
344Dalegubben1344 m976 m1322 mSunnmøre, Norway
345Store Haugmelen1172 m972 m800 mSogndal, Norway
346Store Knutsholstinden2341 m969 m1341 mJotunheimen, Norway
347Nordre Slotthøa1837 m967 m1794 mMøre og Romsdal, Norway
348Schwarzhorn2928 m966 m1894 mGrindelwald, Switzerland
349Heidalsmuen1754 m962 m822 mOppland, Norway
350Blægja1304 m961 m1200 mSogn og Fjordane, Norway
351Kjerringa960 m960 m960 mFinmark, Norway
352Folarskardnuten1933 m955 m933 mHallingskarvet, Norway
353Kistefjellet1003 m955 m889 mTroms, Norway
354Copernicus Peak1330 m951 m96 mNear San Jose, California
355Mount Diablo1173 m951 m10 mNear San Francisco, California
356Såtbakkollen1840 m950 m1742 mNear Sunndalen, Norway
357Gaustatoppen1882 m949 m703 mNear Rjukan, Norway
358San Luis Peak4271 m949 m1083 mSan Juan, Colorado
359Mount Sneffels4313 m930 m945 mSan Juan, Colorado
360Guadaloupe Peak2667 m923 m948 mHP Texas
361Finnan1786 m923 m923 mRomsdal, Norway
362Urfjellet1267 m919 m1200 mMøre og Romsdal, Norway
363Slettinden1115 m919 m970 mTroms, Norway
364Ulvanosa1246 m916 m1166 mHardanger, Norway
365Mount Powell4139 m914 m1282 mColorado, USA
366Midtfjell1255 m912 m1065 mHardanger, Norway
367Scafell Peak978 m912 m900 mHP in England
368Monte Calvo1898 m910 m433 mItaly
369Piz Boè3152 m908 m202 mDolomites, Italy
370Inderbergsalen908 m908 m833 mNordmøre, Norway
371Jolgrøhornet1253 m905 m974 mSunnmøre, Norway
372Blåhøa1671 m903 m973 mTrollheimen, Norway
373Fugltinden1033 m903 m931 mTroms, Norway
374Longs Peak4345 m901 m1600 mFront Range, Colorado
375Skarven899 m899 m830 mNordmøre, Norway
376Storfjellet950 m892 m909 mSunnmøre, Norway
377Harney Peak2207 m891 m334 mHP South Dakota
378Svartevassegga889 m889 m882 mBremanger, Norway
379Cone Peak1571 m888 m446 mCalifornia
380Trollhetta1614 m884 m1184 mTrollheimen, Norway
381Breitinden1797 m879 m1100 mRomsdal, Norway
382Snota1669 m879 m1136 mTrollheimen, Norway
383Snøtind1027 m874 m933 mNorth of Molde, Norway.
384Cuyamaca1985 m872 m933 mSan Diego County, California.
385Hull Mountain2095 m870 m112 mMendocino, California.
386Høgafjellet868 m868 m793 mOsterøy HP, Norway
387Nordre Hestbrepiggen2172 m862 m1450 mOppland, Norway
388Trolltinden1170 m857 m945 mSunnmøre, Norway
389Tveitakvitingen1299 m856 m939 mHordaland, Norway
390Vinjanuten1105 m855 m1014 mMost prominenet in Rogaland, Norway
391Grays Peak4349 m850 m927 mFront Range, Colorado
392Besshø2258 m848 m1292 mJotunheimen, Norway
393Mount Evans4348 m842 m791 mFront Range, Colorado
394Lugnaquillia925 m838 m500 mIreland
395Framsta Ryssenipa1685 m835 m1525 mSogn og Fjordane, Norway
396Selvili Tepe1024 m834 m148 mHP Northern Cyprus.
397Saudehornet1303 m825 m1173 mMøre og Romsdal, Norway.
398Reinsfjellet996 m823 m841 mMøre og Romsdal, Norway.
399Nordre Sålekinna1595 m822 m812 mHedmark, Norway.
400Sprovstinden1194 m821 m905 mMøre og Romsdal, Norway.
401Tuktuai Peak3889 m820 m3889 mPapua, New Guinea
402Grytenuten863 m820 m812 mRogaland, Norway
403Mount Lolo1748 m818 m0 mBC, Canada
404Sanhedrin Mountain (Signal)1882 m815 m216 mMendocino, California
405Kvitfjellet833 m815 m665 mMøre og Romsdal, Norway
406Didnojiehkki1544 m814 m1503 mTroms, Norway
407Storebjørn2222 m812 m806 mJotunheimen, Oppland, Norway
408Molden1121 m808 m620 mLuster, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway
409Monte Armetta1739 m805 m359 mItaly
410Skjomtinden1575 m805 m1352 mSouth of Narvik, Norway
411Talstadhesten913 m805 m772 mNorth of Molde, Norway
412Høgenipa877 m804 m810 mDale, Norway
413Lauparen1434 m803 m1038 mSunnmøre, Norway
414Roan1191 m798 m575 mTelemark, Norway
415Gravskardhøgda1767 m797 m985 mHedmark, Norway
416Pasochoa4199 m794 m865 mEcuador
417Lodalskåpa2082 m792 m2000 mJostedalsbreen, Norway
418Høgeloft1920 m790 m792 mBuskerud, Norway
419Sagtinden2018 m788 m928 mRondane, Norway
420Ruten1516 m788 m556 mOppland, Norway
421Iglfjellet1218 m788 m918 mTrøndelag, Norway
422Sandvikshornet876 m788 m800 mSunnmøre, Norway
423Elgspiggen1604 m780 m800 mHedmark, Norway
424Kvitingskjølen2064 m779 m1116 mJotunheimen, Oppland, Norway
425Råna1586 m776 m1352 mSunnmøre, Norway
426Tverrfjellet776 m776 m700 mSula HP, Ålesund, Norway
427Roundtop3164 m774 m549 mCarson Pass, California
428Plomb Du Cantal1855 m774 mxxx mFrance
429Cerro Wila Chanca4701 m771 m718 mBolivia.
430Blåskjerdingen1069 m771 m1039 mMøre og Romsdal, Norway
431Snow Mountain2151 m767 m545 mCalifornia
432Blåhøe1617 m764 m747 mOppland, Norway
433Breidviktinden1154 m764 m1094 mNear Bodø, Nordland, Norway
434Mount Antero4349 m763 m1478 mSawatch, Colorado
435Stor-Kjølen790 m762 m524 mTroms, Norway
436Gøysen1370 m760 m842 mTelemark, Norway
437Storhornet1589 m759 m981 mOppdal, Norway
438Håfjellet937 m759 m697 mEtne, Norway
439Todalsfjellet821 m758 m641 mVinjeøra, Norway
440Kvanngrødfjellet920 m757 m565 mSogn og Fjordane, Norway
441Mézenc1753 m753 mxxx mFrance
442Tysnessåta753 m753 m553 mTysnes HP, Norway
443S. Knutshøa1690 m751 m790 mDovre, Norway
444Mekknoken751 m751 m612 mAverøya HP, Norway
445Cerro Vicuñas6090 m750 m1329 mChile.
446Mehammarsåta749 m749 m724 mStord HP, Norway
447Tarven1703 m748 m935 mSogn og Fjordane, Norway
448Bison Peak3789 m747 m1121 mLost Creek Wildrness, Colorado
449Strengen890 m747 m721 mNordmøre, Norway.
450Mount Tamalpais782 m746 m25 mMarin County HP, California
451Storviglen1561 m744 m731 mTrøndelag, Norway
452Matøskja1332 m742 m1100 mSunnmøre, Norway
453Black Butte2270 m742 m150 mCalifornia
454Ruten 1039 m741 m839 mSørtrøndelag, Norway
455Gunlanuten 829 m741 m739 mRogaland, Norway
456Snønipa 1827 m737 m1300 mSogn og Fjordane, Norway
457Oppstadhornet 737 m737 m700 mMøre og Romsdal, Norway
458Bjørnabreen 1464 m734 m1462 mSogn og Fjordane, Norway
459Mont Aigoual1565 m732 mxxx mFrance
460Berdalseken1814 m731 m883 mFilefjell, Norway
461Heimdalhaugen1159 m731 m1024 mGrong, Norway
462Mount Speke 4890 m730 m935 mRwenzori, Uganda
463Rostafjellet1558 m728 m 1448 mTroms, in Norway.
464Fivlenosi1466 m728 m 910 mSogn og Fjordane, Norway.
465Mount Harvard4395 m719 m1384 mSawatch, Colorado
466Surtningssui2368 m718 m940 mJotunheimen, Norway
467Snøhornet1309 m716 m1200 mSunnmøre, Norway
468Våganipen819 m716 m794 mHordaland, Norway
469Gulfjellstoppen987 m714 m678 mHordaland, Norway
470Kvasshornet1094 m713 m852 mSogn og Fjordane, Norway
471Castle Peak4348 m712 m1361 mElks Range, Colorado
472Maroon Peak4315 m712 m1389 mElks Range, Colorado
473Uranostind2157 m707 m944 mJotunheimen, Norway
474Høgronden2115 m705 m1050 mRondane, Norway
475Melen768 m705 m704 mNordmøre, Norway
476Qiramanges1863 m703 m1261 mAlbania
477Storebøra785 m702 m547 mMøre og Romsdal, Norway
478Miriam Fjeld2700 m700 m700 mNorth-East Greenland
479Twin Sisters Peaks3484 m700 m692 mColorado, USA
480Roaldshornet1230 m697 m697 mSunnmøre, Norway
481Blåtind697 m697 m624 mSunnmøre, Norway
482Silverheels4213 m696 m873 mColorado
483Saksa902 m696 m895 mNordmøre, Norway
484Hjelmen978 m695 m781 mNordmøre, Norway
485Korsbakkfjellet694 m694 m652 mErtvågøy HP, Norway.
486Gråhorga740 m692 m683 mRogaland, Norway
487Mount Washburn3122 m690 m714 mYellowstone, Wyoming
488Puma Peak3527 m689 m465 mColorado, USA
489Ryssdalshornet1201 m686 m912 mSogn og Fjordane, Norway
490Dyrtjørnhøi1687 m685 m820 mOppland, Norway
491Elgåhogna1460 m685 m795 mHedmark, Norway
492Brokefjellet1074 m681 m985 mTelemark, Norway
493Blåøret1605 m677 m717 mOppdal, Norway
494Lifjell777 m679 m672 mSogn og Fjordane, Norway.
495Døldarheia735 m677 m707 mRogaland, Norway
496Snøholstinden2141 m676 m1082 mJotunheimen, Norway
497Heimdalshø1843 m673 m859 mOppland, Norway
498Bølia703 m670 m697 mNordmøre, Norway
499Skopphornet1226 m668 m1039 mSunnmøre, Norway
500Fjetlandsnuten716 m668 m466 mRogaland, Norway
501Vassdalsnipa1430 m666 m737 mSogn og Fjordane, Norway
502Mount Eolus4292 m665 m1789 mSan Juan, Colorado
503Mount Princeton4327 m664 m1029 mSawatch, Colorado
504Viromkjerringa1374 m664 m1199 mNordmøre, Norway
505Fuglafjellet1334 m664 m747 mHordaland, Norway
506Storøra905 m664 m830 mNordmøre, Norway
507Veten (Hemnesfjellet)702 m664 m673 mNordland, Norway
508Resfjellet1161 m663 m686 mSørtrøndelag, Norway
509Sollia661 m661 m441 mSunnmøre, Norway
510Roholtfjellet1017 m659 m707 mTelemark, Norway
511Sikkilsdalshøa1778 m655 m825 mAndorra, Pyrenees
512Indre Sula1325 m655 m892 mNordmøre, Norway,
513Tossa Plana2916 m654 m1000 m ??Andorra, Pyrenees
514Blæja1142 m654 mxxx mSunnmøre, Norway
515Stiganosi1761 m651 m1451 mSogn og Fjordane, Norway
516Fongen1441 m651 m1151 mTrøndelag, Norway
517Mont Lozère1699 m649 mxxx mFrance
518Monte Guadagnolo1218 m647 m25 mItaly.
519Vesoldo1046 m648 m630 mHordaland, Norway
520Storsylen1762 m647 m1208 mTrøndelag, Norway
521Svarteknibba1150 m647 m910 mSogn og Fjordane, Norway
522Vennisfjellet1776 m646 m1068 mValdres, Norway
523Dome3683 m645 m1500 mGreenland, 2nd. highest in the Arctic
524Mount of the Holy Cross4269 m643 m1123 mSawatch, Colorado
525Pico Ruivo do Paul da Serra1649 m642 m87 mMadeira, Portugal
526Brasstown Bald1458 m642 m142 mHP in Georgia, USA.
527Hestdalshøgdi2091 m641 m1200 mOppland, Norway.
528Bald Mountain4171 m640 m935 mNear Breckenridge, Colorado
529Monte Camicia2564 m640 m954 mGran Sasso, Apennine, Italy
530Forolhogna1332 m639 m682 mTrøndelag, Norway
531Skalten692 m639 m646 mNordmøre, Norway
532Tverrådalskyrkja2089 m637 m1345 mSogn og Fjordane, Norway.
533Gilafjellet1584 m636 m584 mValdres, Norway
534Skredvarden636 m636 m630 mSogn og Fjordane, Norway
535Storkjelen1038 m635 m670 mSunnmøre, Norway
536Kvannefjellet1537 m634 m689 mTelemark, Norway
537Søre Svartkampen1369 m634 m457 mOppland, Norway
538Gråhøgda1543 m633 m713 mHedmark, Norway
539Vehuskjerringa1355 m632 m638 mTelemark, Norway
540Høg-Gia1641 m631 m553 mHedmark, Norway
541Kråkvasstinden1700 m630 m1118 mOppdal, Norway
542Næremstindan1169 m630 m897 mSunnmøre, Norway
543Jacque Peak4025 m629 m920 mNear Copper Mountain, Colorado
544Freikollen629 m629 m549 mNordmøre, Norway
545Svartfjellet629 m629 m619 mFinnmark, Norway
546Blue Mountain1842 m628 m5 mNear Libby, Montana, USA.
547Veslebotnskarvet1778 m628 m648 mNear Hemsedal, Norway.
548Skaulen1538 m628 m971 mNear Sauda, Norway.
549Blåfjellet1067 m624 m657 mSogn og Fjordane, Norway
550Løsethornet1032 m624 m853 mSunnmøre, Norway
551Brossviksåta723 m620 m665 mSogn og Fjordane, Norway.
552Store Haldi1149 m619 m1129 mFinnmark, Norway.
553Skaget1686 m618 m564 mOppland, Norway.
554Gråfjell1466 m616 m546 mBuskerud, Norway.
555Fagerfjellet884 m614 m840 mTroms, Norway.
556Veten613 m613 m472 mMåløy, Norway.
***P2000 feet cutoff*****************************
557Storskrymten1985 m610 m945 mDovre, Norway.
558Brattefjell1540 m607 m742 mTelemark, Norway.
559Hånosi1836 m606 m1286 mSogn og Fjordane, Norway.
560Grovabreen1636 m606 m1123 mSogn og Fjordane, Norway.
561Høgfjellet689 m606 m666 mNordmøre, Norway.
562Øyensskavlen687 m604 m557 mNord-Trøndelag, Norway.
563Skjorta1472 m602 m1400 mSogn og Fjordane, Norway.
564Koppefjellet940 m602 m659 mMøre og Romsdal, Norway.
565Monte San Salvatore912 m602 m450 mLugano, Switzerland.
566Storhøe1716 m601 m736 mDovre, Noeway.
567Gråhøa1493 m600 m904 mOppdal, Norway.
568Varden600 m600 m345 mHardanger, Norway.

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