This list identifies and ranks the 100 mountains in Colorado with the largest primary factor. The primary factor is also called the "prominence" of a mountain in the USA.

The primary factor of a mountain is the minimal vertical drop from its summit before one can ascend a higher peak.

The primary factors (or prominence) has almost in all cases been computed using interpolation based on 40 feet contours. That is, the highest contour encircling the peak without containing any higher peaks inside its closed curve is approcximately 6 meters (20 feet) higher than the value used to compute the primary factor. A few interpolations are based on smaller contour intervals as noted under "Remarks". (Some lists use this lower value when they list prominence.)

The saddle name provided is either the actual name of the pass or saddle or the name of the area (the Saddle Quad name).

This list is based on work by Ryan Schilling, with good initial data provided by Andy Martin, Edward Earl and David Olson. This list is metric as a service to those more comfortable with these units.

Corrections to this list are highly appreciated. Confirmed or suspected corrections/updates are most welcome by email to: petter@ii.uib.no

Two stars behind the rank means that I have climbed it. (17/50, 29/100)

RankHeightNamePrimary factorSaddle nameSaddle locationRemarks
1**4399 Mount Elbert 2772Sylvania CanyonN37:23.020, W117:50.000 Colorado HP
2**4301 Pikes Peak 1686Lake George N38:53.058, W105:16.484 El Paso County HP
3**4372 Blanca Peak 1623Poncha Pass N38:25.326, W106:05.287 Herfano County HP
4**4282 Culebra Peak 1471La Veta PassN37:29.104, W105:10.493 Culebra Range HP
5**4363 Crestone Peak 1388Mosca PassN37:43.975, W105:27.275 Saguache County HP
6**4361 Uncompahgre Peak 1293Cochetopa PassN38:09.771, W106:36.026 Hinsdale County HP
73765 Flat Top Mountain 1236ToponasN40:03.947, W106:49.218 Garfield County HP
83042 Ute Peak 1231Mud Creek N37:17.054, W108:46.686
9**4342 Mount Wilson 1227Lizard Head PassN37:48.659, W107:54.400 Dolores County HP
10**4354 Mount Lincoln 1177Tennessee PassN39:21.724, W106:18.666 Park County HP
113763 Greenhorn Mountain 1148Devils GulchN37:56.253, W105:19.626 Pueblo County HP, 20 feet contours
124153 West Spanish Peak1123Cucharas PassN37:19.219, W105:04.417Las Animas County HP
133877 Mount Gunnison 1082Minnesota PassN38:46.428, W107:23.334
143712 Mount Zirkel 1058Muddy PassN40:22.764, W106:34.754 Routt County HP, 20 feet contours
***** **** ***************** **** **** ********** ********** **********
15**4271 San Luis Peak 949Spring Creek PassN37:56.381, W107:09.512 Garita Range HP
163390 North Mamm Peak 946Hightower MountainN39:19.745, W107:40.261
173973 West Elk Peak 943Mount AxtellN38:50.853, W107:05.936West Elk Range HP
183612 Huntsman Ridge 936McClure PassN39:07.712, W107:17.177
19**4313 Mount Sneffels 930Red Mountain PassN37:53.894, W107:42.748 Sneffels Range HP
20**3438 Castle Peak 920State BridgeN39:48.609, W106:40.433
214133 Mount Powell 908 Vail PassN39:31.883, W106:12.944 Gore Range HP
22**4345 Longs Peak 901Berthoud PassN39:47.889, W105:46.624Boulder County HP
***** **** ***************** **** **** ********** ********** ***********
234035 Lavender Peak 871Hermosa PassN37:38.933, W107:02.803 Montezuma County HP
242938 Diamond Peak 861Desert Springs WYN41:39.380, W108:25.22010 feet contours
254123 Treasure Mountain 860Schofield PassN39:00.897, W107:02.803
26**4349 Grays Peak 850Boreas PassN39:24.647, W105:58.132Front Range HP
273947 Clark Peak 845La Poudre PassN40:28.600, W105:49.334Jackson County HP
28**4348 Mount Evans 842Mount EvansN39:35.786, W105:41.620Road (almost) to the top
294054 Summit Peak 841Weminuche PassN37:40.875, W107:19.007Archuleta County HP
303459 Marcellina Mountain 831Marcellina MountainN38:54.722, W107:13.874
313944 Mount Richthofen 817Cameron PassN40:31.213, W105:53.557 Never Summer Range HP
323748 Parkview Mountain 816Willow Creek PassN40:21.036, W106:05.383
334258 Mount Ouray 814Monarch PassN38:29.788, W106:19.539
342950 Pinon Mesa HP 811Unaweep DivideN38:47.428, W108:39.298
***** **** ***************** **** **** ********** ********** **********
353707 Crested Butte 787GothicN38:55.145, W106:57.596
363819 Graham Peak 778Divide LakesN37:35.927, W107:20.285
37**4349 Mount Antero 763Williams PassN38:38.449, W106:23.404
383789 East Beckwith Mountain 760Beckwith PassN38:50.561, W107:11.000
393877 Chair Mountain 750Anthracite PassN39:01.802, W107:10.728 Ragged Mountains HP
403815 Whetstone Mountain 748Ohio PassN38:50.175, W107:05.626
41**3789 Bison Peak 747Kenosha PassN39:24.840, W105:45.476
424008 South River Peak 746Railroad PassN37:27.841, W106:45.723
433673 Mount Guero 741Big Soap ParkN38:44.205, W107:16.731
444133 Hagues Peak 738Chapin PassN40:26.127, W105:43.705 Larimer County HP
453304 Black Mountain 738Meaden PeakN40:48.529, W107:07.314 Moffat County HP
464044 Antora Peak 734Marshall PassN38:23.515, W106:14.829
473994 Bushnell Peak 733Hayden PassN38:17.658, W105:51.022 Fremont County HP
482745 Zenobia Peak 730Sheephead BasinN40:38.517, W108:33.166 20 feet contours
493866 East Spanish Peak 726Spanish PeaksN37:23.436, W104:56.957
50**4395 Mount Harvard 719Independence PassN38:59.536, W106:35.098 Chaffee County HP
***** **** ***************** **** **** ********** ********** **********
513306 Sleepy Cat Peak 714Lost ParkN40:07.251, W107:27.019
524011 Twilight Peak 71339N8W,
53**4348Castle Peak712Taylor PassN39:01.215, W106:45.353Elk Range HP
54**4315 Maroon Peak 712East Maroon PassN39:00.705, W106:56.544
553569 Waugh Mountain 710Agate MountainN38:48.477, W105:50.380
563495 Tomichi Dome 709SargentsN38:29.290, W106:29.412`
573452 Crater Peak 703Spruce MountainN39:09.563, W107:36.531
583483 Twin Sisters Peaks 700Wind River PassN40:17.809, W105:32.608
***** **** ***************** **** **** ********** ********** **********
59**4213 Mount Silverheels 696Hoosier PassN39:21.720, W106:03.760
603844 Lone Cone 693Groundhog MountainN37:50.062, W108:09.888
613659 Mount Zwischen 691Mosca PassN37:43.975, W105:27.275
623527 "Puma Peak" 689Eagle RockN39:09.119, W105:27.27520 feet contours
632657 Tanks Peak 685Elk SpringsN40:21.560, W108:27.595 20 feet contours
643761 Elliott Mountain 683Dunton MeadowsN37:47.633, W108:01.521
653552 Black Mountain 681Black MountainN38:38.199, W105:43.780
663526 Mount Maestas 679La Veta PassN37:37.553, W105:12.970
67**4292 Mount Eolus 665Wetterhorn PeakN38:00.832, W107:32.296
68**4327 Mount Princeton 664Browns PassN38:51.237, W106:21.608
693682 Carbon Peak 664Mount AxtellN38:49.020, W107:02.772
703316 Meaden Peak 664Hahns PeakN40:51.147, W106:57.995
713481 Elk Mountain 658Radial MountainN40:16.890, W106:07.387
723775 Anthracite Range 648Swampy PassN38:47.951, W107:09.450
73**4269 Mount of the Holy Cross 643NastN39:18.554, W106:30.074Eagle County HP
744235 Vermilion Peak 642Ophir PassN37:51.038, W107:46.764 San Juan County HP
75**4171 Bald Mountain 640Georgia PassN39:27.502, W105:54.974
763520 Thirtynine Mile Mtn. 636Currant Creek PassN38:50.200, W105:38.131
77**4025 Jacque Peak 629Robinson Tailings PondN39:24.187, W106:12.354
783541 Williams Peak 625Ute PassN39:49.405, W106:06.339
793688 Park Cone 622Taylor Park,N38:48.247, W106:34.060
804060 Mount Herard 616Crestone PeakN37:55.442, W105:30.186
813669 Red Table Mountain 615Crooked Creek PassN39:26.485, W106:41.116
824062 West Buffalo Peak 605Harvard Lakes,N38:59.457, W106:09.986
833667 Chalk Benchmark 601Elephant Head RockN37:11.842, W106:42.296
***** **** ***************** **** **** ********** ********** **********
84**4296 Mount Massive 598Mount ChampionN39:07.635, W106:30.452
853478 Iron Mountain 595Red WingN37:38.819, W105:19.269
864051 Dolores Peak 594Dolores PeakN37:50.851, W108:04.350
874264 Grizzly Peak 588Independence Pass N39:06.329, W106:34.013
883702 Sawtooth Mountain 587Rock Creek ParkN38:11.347, W106:55.007
894015 Conejos Peak 583Victoria LakeN37:14.270, W106:37.006
903125 Columbus Mountain 583Bears Ears PeaksN40:52.033, W107:08.780
91**4282 Handies Peak 582HowardsvilleN37:46.226, W107:35.465
92**4327 Mount Yale 578Mount HarvardN38:53.259, W106:19.595Conejos County HP
933032 Horse Mountain 575Oakbrush RidgeN37:22.790, W107:10.060
944213 Rio Grande Pyramid 573Rio Grande PyramidN37:38.294, W107:26.090
954075 Sultan Mountain 569SilvertonN37:45.953, W107:43.626
963354 South Bald Mountain 568Chambers LakeN40:36.406, W105:50.497
973176 Green Mountain 567Stony Pass,N39:17.842, W105:20.059
982934 Fishers Peak 563Tin Pan CanyonN38:59.599, W104:29.525
993652 Little Cone 561Litle ConeN37:54.199, W108:05.576
100**4370 La Plata Peak 560WinfieldN38:55.127, W106:23.533
***** **** ***************** **** **** ********** ********** *********

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