Europe's 10 Finest Atlantic Island Mountains ranked by primary factor.

This list identifies and ranks 10 mountains on islands in the Atlantic that are closely associated with Europe, having large primary factors. These mountanins are politically tied to Europe, but sufficiently far removed from the mainland of Europe to exclude them from the Europe's 100 Finest List. The primary factor is also called the "prominence" of a mountain.

Islands are sometimes European with respect to geographical and political criteria, sometimes mainly (or in extreme cases only) because of historical and political reasons.

Island lovers may consult an extended list of the 50 most prominent island peaks in Europe.

For islands, the primary factor of its highest mountain will therefore equal the elevation (above sea level) of that peak. However, an island with a low saddle connecting two peaks may well have two (or more) entries on the list. Note that one could discuss if the Peloponnese Penisula should count as an island, since it is separated from the mainland of Greece by a (very narrow) sea level canal. We adopt the policy to not consider such a man made change to nature, it is therefore not on this list.

This list is based on data compiled by Eberhard Jurgalski, Petter Bjørstad and Vasja Kavcic.

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Two stars behind the rank means that I have climbed it (2/10).

RankHeightNamePrimary factorCountry
1**3718 Teide 3718 Tenerife, Spain
22423 Roque de Los Muchachos2423La Palma, Spain
3 2351 Pico2351 Pico (Azores), Portugal
4 2277 Beerenberg2277 Jan Mayen, Norway
5 2119 Hvannadalshnúkur 2119 Iceland
******** End 2000 meter **** **
6 1949 Pico de Las Nieves1949 Gran Canaria, Spain
7** 1862 Pico Ruivo1862 Madeira, Portugal
8 1717 Newtontoppen 1717 Spitsbergen, Norway
9 1500 Pico de Malpaso 1500 El Hirro, Spain
******** End Ultras **** **
10 1487 Garajonay1487La Gomera, Spain
********************* **** **