N5, October 15. to October 18. 2005 High Points in Nevada.

This summary provides a quick overview and easy access to information about the 5 peaks climbed on my N5 trip.

For access and route description, see the individual mountain below.

A more detailed Trip Report with pictures can be read here.

Copyright Petter Bjørstad, 2004-2005

DateHeightNamePrimary factorComments
October 154344 m White Mountain Peak 2193 mCold and windy, California.
October 163640 m Mount Jefferson 1786 mRemote peak in Nevada.
October 173477 m Unnamed, north of Arc Dome216 mMassive mountain north of Arc Dome.
October 173588 m Arc Dome 1589 mRemote peak in Nevada.
October 182999 m Star Peak 1645 mMoonlight hike, Nevada.

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