Petter Bjørstad

My name is Petter E. Bjørstad,
Ph.D. Stanford University.
I am Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics,
University of Bergen,
N-5020 Bergen, Norway.
At work, my phone numbers are:

My E-mail address is:

CV (pdf)

Research interests:

Technical reports and preprints

Lecture times

If you want to check when I'm having lectures, you can look at this page. It shall be updated as necessary.

Leisure activities:

Here you can see what I like to do in my spare time.


Home: Østre Natlandsfjellet 14
N-5098 Bergen

My phone number is: +47-55289138


Family: Heidi, Tor Erling and Pål Jørgen. If you want to know more, look at our family home page. Norwegian letters: ø å æ

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