Strands of Spidery Silk Searching the Stars

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Pagan sites:

A history of the Pentagram

Bifrost , the Norwegian Asatru society

MoonRaven's Book of Shadows , an excellent compilation of various magical information.

Pagan Graphic Sets various gifs useful for edgings, links, etc.

Vanessa's Magical Garden herbs, herbs, herbs..

Enter The Path of the Crescent Moon Lots of excelent information on Wicca

Arachne's Web Links to Pagan and Wiccan pages

Lilith's stuff Beautiful graphics and pictures

On the Minoan Snake Goddess

Snake Goddess, a picture

Minoan Religion

Other paranormal sites:

The Zodiac Hacker Astrology Menu Various essays on Astrology. Fascinating viewpoint.

How to see the aura

Skywind's Psychic Pages Psychic information. Excellent site.

The Gnosis Archive Index of WWW resources on gnosticism and religion.

The Gnosis Archive Index of WWW resources on Kabbalah

Charles Fort About the investigator on the paranormal.

Tim Elder's Paralinks! Links to all things paranormal. You could be lost here for years..

SpiritWeb Perhaps the best site on spiritual matters. Well worth the visit.


Science Jokes Archive The name says it all.

The Bastard Operator from Hell How to be a nasty sysadmin.

Starwars & RASSM

The official RASSM Homepage The homepage of the newsgroup.

rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc The newsgroup itself.

Other Stuff

Dejanews Search filter for messages from usenet

Hotmail The world's free webbased email.