These songs were tracked with FastTracker II.
Late Hours A piano/string/flute piece that I started making years ago, but never managed to finish until recently. I must have started from scratch at least three times. Lots of late hours spent.
Tidal Cycle Probably the closest I have gotten to making an ambient song.
The Salt Song And now for something completely different...! This folk-inspired song was my entry for the MC6 contest. Here is what the judges had to say.
The Big Sound A melody (or two) that had been in my head for a while resulted in this little song. Hard to describe further.


These songs are 4 channel mods made in the days of yore (around 1993-95). To me, this is nostalgia. Probably means very little to most other people, though. ;)

The Race Piano This fast, bluesy piano tune was the first mod I was really satisfied with. Today it sounds a bit crude, of course, but I like it anyway.
Calm Down 2 A relaxing piano tune with a few rock patterns thrown in. The piano samples are (if memory serves) stolen from "Klisje paa klisje".
Voice of the Gods A rock mod. One of my favorites.
Idyll in Olympia This "a-bit-of-everything" pop/rock tune turned out pretty well.
Roll Your Machine Fast bluesrock.

You'll notice that I sometimes refer to myself as the Soulman, but that is perfectly normal. No, really, it is.

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