These pictures were done in the raytracer POV-ray version 3.0. (Persistence of vision)

Ray-tracing is a way of creating more or less photorealistic images of 3D-objects. You define the objects mathematically in a simple programming-like language, throw in some textures (surface effects), light sources and a camera, then tell the program (the raytracer) to render a picture.

Naturally the pictures are best viewed in true color (24 bit). 16-bit is bearable, 8-bit is downright ugly.

Lathe chess

Don't be surprised if this looks familiar. It is modelled after my own cheap, wooden, and I believe quite common chess set. The round pieces use the POV 3.0 lathe shape, which basically means defining a two-dimensional curve and rotate it around an axis.

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Trigonometry thing

POV 3.0 introduced a number of powerful new features, one of those was a while-loop for preprocessing complex shapes from simple formulas. This is a blob shape which appeared after experimenting with some three-dimensional sine curves.

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