Ars Magica Inter-Saga Relations

(Last update: 1998/04/09 20:57:41)

What is this place about ?

From time to time people have asked if we can play some inter-covenant relations between different sagas. Possibly by e-mail, possibly by IRC, or...

Then, what are we doing ?

We have started discussing how this can be done, with a group of about eight sagas in the Iberian tribunal.

Can I join in ?

That's possible. Mail us a short description of your covenant and saga to our mailing list:, and you will be subscribed and may participate in our discussions. Note that the request goes to the list, so a good presentation is fine. However, unlike ordinary list mail, these requests are read promptly by the list administrator. The regular list address is

What more do we know ?

I have prepared a compendium for the project, including all that I know about the participating covenants. There are one edition for players, available as Gzipped PostScript or HTML; and another for storyguides (and troupe style players), also available as Gzipped PostScript and HTML.

Both editions share the same LaTeX source, which then of course may be retrieved with permition from your storyguide.

You may also review the mail archive


This page was written in about three minutes, just to give the world a short glimps of what we are doing, and take contact if interested. It is not great --- because it wasn't meant to be :-)
This page is part of Ars Magica Bergensis.

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