What organizations control fencing?

    Federation Internationale d'Escrime
    32, Rue La Boetie
    75008 Paris, France

    Amateur Fencing Association (Britain)
    1 Barons Gate
    33-35 Rothschild Road
    London W4 5HT
    Tel: 081 742-3032

    Canadian Fencing Federation
    1600 Prom. James Naismith Drive
    Gloucester, ON   K1B 5N4
    TEL: (613) 748-5633
    FAX: (613) 748-5742

    United States Fencing Association
    1750 East Boulder Street
    Colorado Springs, CO 80909-5774
    TEL: (719) 578-4511
    FAX: (719) 632-5737

    Contact your national fencing body to get the addresses and phone
    numbers of your local/provincial/divisional fencing associations.

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