This list has been compiled from suggestions by
    readers, and is far from complete.

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    Crosnier, Fencing with the Foil (Faber & Faber, 1951)
    Curry, The Fencing Book (?, 1984)
    FIE, Rules of Competition (AFA, CFF, USFA, etc., every year)
    de Beaumont, Fencing: Ancient Art and Modern Sport (?, ?)
    Gaugler, Fencing Everyone (Hunter, 1987)
    Hutton, The Sword and the Centuries (Charles E. Tuttle, 1980)
    Lukovich, Electric Foil Fencing (Corvina Press, 1971)
    Lukovich, Fencing (Corvina Press, 1986)
    Morton, A-Z of Fencing (Antler, 1988?)
    Nadi, On Fencing (G.P. Putnam, 1943)
    Palffy-Alpar, Sword and Masque (FA Davis, 1967)
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    Manley, Compleate Fencing (Doubleday, 198?)
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