Supplementary web page to the manuscript:

LSimpute: Accurate estimation of missing values in microarray data with least squares methods.

by Trond Hellem Bø, Bjarte Dysvik, and Inge Jonassen. Nucleic Acids Research 32 (3): e34.
For the full text article, follow this link.

To test the methods derscribed in the manuscript, download LSimpute.jar, and run it on your system with the command:
java -jar -server LSimpute.jar
(requires that java is installed on your computer). Before you try to run the program, please read the file readme.txt.

Please report any bugs you might encounter using the package to


25.02.2005: Fixed bug that occured when relatively few columns/arrays (up to 14) in dataset were combined with genes with few ramaining datapoints. The package should now work in these cases also.