pic Torleiv Torleiv Kløve
Previously: Professor of informatics (computer science).
Now retired.

Addresses and telephone numbers:

               Mailing address:
                 Department of Informatics
                 University of Bergen 
                 Pb. 7803 
                 N-5020 Bergen

               Telephone: +47 55 58 41 51 
               Fax:       +47 55 58 41 99 

               e-mail:    Torleiv.Klove@ii.uib.no

               Visiting address: 
                 Office 5139 
                 Computer Science Building 
                 Bergen High Technology Centre 
                 Thormøhlensgate 55 

Things I am working on:

I am connected to the Selmer Center. I do research on: Other duties: Complete list of publications.

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