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Currently I (co)-supervise the following PhD-students:

Navid Ghaedi Bardeh

Dan Zhang

Nikolay Stoyanov Kaleyski

Irene Villa

These are my former PhD-students (name, title of the thesis, year of graduation):

Oleksandr Kazymyrov Methods and Tools for Analysis of Symmetric Cryptographic Primitives, 2014

Chunlei Li, Sequences and Linear Codes from Highly Nonlinear Functions, 2014

Mohammad Reza Sohizadeh Abyaneh, Security Analysis of Lightweight Schemes for RFID Systems, 2012

Seyed Mehdi Mohammad Hassanzadeh, Cryptanalysis of Cryptographic Primitives and Related Topics, 2011

Michal Hojsík, Various aspects of stream cipher cryptanalysis, 2010

Aina Johansen, The correlation of sequences over finite alphabets, 2009

Sondre Rønjom, Cryptanalysis of Ciphers over Finite Cyclic Groups, 2009

Geir Jarle Ness, Correlation of m-sequences of different lengths and related topics, 2007

John Erik Mathiassen, Cryptanalyis of block ciphers and hash functions, 2005

Håvard Molland, New methods for cryptanalysis of stream ciphers, 2005

Halvard Martinsen, Sequence Design and Correlation, 2000

Chunming Rong, Computational analysis in Algebraic Decoding, APN-mappings and t-designs, February 1998.

Erik Rønneberg Hauge, DeBruijn sequences and non-linear recursion, 2000

Kjell Jørgen Hole, Punctured convolutional codes and their applications, 1991

Øyvind Ytrehus, Codes for error control, 1989

I was the second supervisor of (name, title of the thesis, year of graduation):

Mohsen Toorani Security protocols and related topics, 2015

Thomas Tjøstheim, Security analysis of electronic voting and online banking systems, 2007

Irina Naydenova, Error detection and correction for symmetric and asymmetric channels , 2007

Lars Erik Danielsen, On Connections Between Graphs, Codes, Quantum States, and Boolean Functions, 2008

Member of evaluation of Phd / Habilitation committees:

Davood Rezaeipour, Improved algebraic cryptanalysis on the reduced round of advanced encryption standard, University of Putra Malaysia, Malaysia, 2010

Kramer Alpar-Vajk, Combinatorial structures in molecular biology, 2008

Sultan Zayid Mohammad Al-Hinai, Algebraic attacks on clock-controlled stream ciphers, 2007

Anne Canteaut, (Memoire d'habilitation å diriger des recherches), Analyse et conception de chiffrement a clef secrete, INRIA Paris, France, 2006

Patrick Felke, Computing the Uniformity of Power Mappings. A systematic approach with the multivariate method over finite fields of odd characteristic, University of Bochum, Germany, 2005

Marion Videau, Criteris de securite des algorithms de chiffrement a cle secrete , INRIA Paris, France, 2005

Lilya Budaghyan, The equivalence of almost bent and almost perfect nonlinear functions and their generalizations, Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg, Germany, 2005

Veselin Vavrek, Linear Codes and Conference Matrices, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, 2005

Kishan Chand Gupta, Cryptographic and combinatorial properties of Boolean functions and S-boxes, Indian Statistical Institute, India, 2004

Alexander Kholosha, Investigations in the Design and Analysis of Key-Stream Generators, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands, 2003

Jeroen Doumen, Some Applications of Coding Theory and Cryptography, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherland, 2003

Enes Pasalic, On Boolean Functions in Symmetric Key Ciphers, University of Lund, Sweden, 2003

Kalle Ranto, Z4-Goethals Codes Decoding and Designs, University of Turku, Finland, 2002

Sandy Ferret, Projective Spaces and Linear Codes, University of Gent, Belgium, 2001

Alexis Bonnecaze. Arithmetique et combinatoire des codes lineaires sur des anneaux finis, Universite de Toulon-Var, 2000

Petra Heijnen, Some Classes of Linear Codes, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands, 1999

Rene Struiik, Covering codes, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands, 1994

Visiting PhD students

Financed by Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC)

2019-2020, Kangquan Li

2018-2019, Qian Liu

2012-2014, Nian Li

The Marie Curie Training site - FastSec

These are PhD students that visited the Marie Curie Training Site (2001-2005) at the Selmer Center, Department of Informatics, supported by EU-FP5 and coordinated by me and they spent 3-12 months at the Selmer Center.

Carl Bracken

Kathie O'Brie

An Commein

Patrick Felke

Mikael Gidlund

Kathy O'Flaherty

Georg Petrides

Constanza Riera

Petri Rosendahl

Suzanne Spinnsante

Marion Videau

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