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From 1997 I am an IEEE Fellow ("for his contributions to coding theory and cryptography"). I become an IEEE Life Fellow since 2018.

From 2004 I am a member of Det Norske Videnskaps-Akademi.

I co-authored Top Cited Article 2005-2010 (based on Scopus citations from 2005-2010): P.Charpin, T. Helleseth and V. Zinoviev, "The divisibility modulo 24 of Kloosterman sums on GF(2m), m odd,", Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A, volume 114, Issue 2, 2007.

I co-authored the paper (P. V. Kumar, T. Helleseth, A. R. Calderbank, and J. A. Roger Hammons, "Large families of quaternary sequences with low correlation") that introduced A CDMA sequence family, Family S(2) included for use as short uplink scrambling codes in the 3rd generation global mobile communication IMT-2000, W-CDMA Standard.

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