Installing JCNIX

JCNIX is just a collection of highly experimental code, and does not yet actually produce anything worth installing. However, for those who want to experiment with the code, here is a short description of what is needed to get the test programs up and running.

  1. First you'll need a fairly recent snapshot of gcc and libgcj installed. Refer to the GCJ home page for instructions on installing gcc and libgcj.

  2. Extract the JCNIX source archive. This should produce a directory named jcnix.

  3. Create a build directory

    	  $ ls
    	  $ mkdir build_jcnix
    	  $ cd build_jcnix
  4. Run the configure script


    (assuming jcnix sources is at ../jcnix)

  5. Run make


This should compile test programs such as AWTDemo, that can be executed without any further setup:


However, keep in mind that this code has not been properly tested, and you should expect that a certain amount of tinkering is needed to make it run.

The configuration process of this code is a little odd, compared to the traditional autoconf based configuration. The configure script is very fragile and is likely to break. The makefile also places some heavy requirements on the make program. Anything but GNU Make will probably not work.