Mountains in NORWAY ranked by primary factor.

This list identifies and ranks all mountains in Norway with primary factor of at least 600 meter. There are close to 600 such mountains. More precisely, we list 570 such peaks, where the primary factor is based on interpolation between nearest contour lines. As many as 12 peaks could drop below the 600 meter threshold, likewise 20 peaks that are listed with primary factor below 600 meter could in theory be above this threshold. Thus, the number of peaks with primary factor, or prominence exceeding 600 meter in Norway is between 558 and 590. The list contains interpolated primary factors down to 590 meter, thus guaranteed to contain all the peaks in question. This list totals 602 mountains.

The list will be updated to provide more complete and consistent information, a few minor changes are also likely. However, the peaks and their primary factors are basically final.

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Copyright Petter Bjørstad
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Two stars behind the rank means that I have climbed it (238/602).

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Go see the rank 365 to 602. Primary factor from 590 to 699 meter.

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