E8, - December 7. to December 21. 2008, - Climbing trip to Ecuador.

This summary provides a quick overview and easy access to information on the peaks climbed on my trip to Ecuador.
Each peak is described individually, a complete Ecuador trip report can be read by starting with Pasochoa and then proceeding from there.

Copyright Petter Bjørstad, 2008-2009

DateHeight (map)Height (gps)NamePrimary factorVertical hiked
Dec. 84199 m 4212 m (+13m)Pasochoa 0794 m 0865 m
Dec. 94784 m 4799 m (+15m)Volcán Guagua Pichincha 1652 m 0664 m
Dec. 104634 m 4647 m (+13m) Cerro Imbabura 1516 m 1172 m
Dec. 114944 m 4957 m (+13m)Cotacachi 1832 m 0914 m
Dec. 145897 m 5907 m (+10m)Volcán Cotopaxi 2404 m 1259 m
Dec. 153889 m 3905 m (+16m)Loma Santa Cruz Chica 0199 m 0754 m
Dec. 176268 m 6279 m (+11m)Volcán Chimborazo 4122 m 1431 m
Dec. 195790 m 5812 m (+22m)Volcán Cayambe 2075 m 1173 m
12 days ****** ****** 8 peaks 14594 m 8232 m
Note: We calibrated two GPS units very carefully at Laguna San Pablo, showing 2676 meter which is 14 meter
above the SRTM measured value of 2662 m. The list above is consistent with such a correction except for Cayambe.
Cayambe is a snow dome and it was clear that the amount of snow was considerably more than normal.
It is possible that this can explain the observed difference of 6-8 meter.
Note that we have adjusted all elevations that are reported in peak descriptions as well as in the Trip Report down
by 10-15 meter relative to our GPS measurements. This should be taken into account by any party visiting and using their own GPS units.
Also note that the "official" elevation of Chimborazo is 6310 meter, but this is only
according to a small number of government officials.

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