Reunion 2014, February 21st to March 1st.

This summary provides a quick overview and easy access to information on the peaks climbed on my visit to Reunion.

Reunion is an island belonging to France

Go look at a map showing trailheads, cols and summits.

Here is some additional information about our Base Camp - LUX hotel (formerly Grand Hotel du Lagon)

Copyright Petter Bjørstad, 2014

DateHeightNamePrimary factorVertical hiked
February 222898 m Le Grand Bénare 817 m 720 m
February 232276 m La Roche Ecrite 753 m 1150 m
February 253070 m Le Piton des Neiges 3070 m 1682 m
February 262621 m Le Piton de la Fournaise 1026 m 750 m
February 282228 m Le Cimandef 677 m 1170 m
7 Days**** 5 climbs 6343 m 5472 m

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