• Sukkertoppen
  • 314 m
  • Primary factor 314 m
  • Location: HP on the island Hessa in Ålesund
  • Location: North 62:27.565, East 006:05.979
  • Climbed February 19, 2006.


How to get there: Drive west through Ålesund, cross the bridge to the Hessa island and turn right towards Sevollen. Find parking near the Hessa School. This is the trailhead.
Route description: Locate the small street named Sukkertoppvegen and follow it about 140 meter to a trail that heads sharply right (uphill). There is a sign saying "Sukkertoppen" here. This trail runs uphill and gains the east ridge, then passes an antenna before the final section to the highest point.
Comments: Just as Rio has its famous Sugar Loaf Mountain, so has Ålesund its "Sukkertoppen" (means sugar loaf). Its elevation of exactly 100π may score an extra point for Ålesund.
I did this hike with Arnt just after a very nice ski ascent of the mountain Trolltinden (1170m), east of Ålesund.
This hike is very popular for people in Ålesund, and we saw many people along the trail. The total trip takes about one hour, allow a bit more than 30 minutes up.
The Sukkertoppen mountain provides a very nice view down on the city of Ålesund as well as to the mountains east and south.