• Sollia
  • 661 m
  • Primary factor 661 m
  • Location: North 618, East 004: (GPS at the summit).
  • Sunnmøre, Norway
  • Difficulty, YDS class 1
  • Climbed on May 1. 2011
  • Photos: Arnt Flatmo


How to get there:
A good place of reference is the excellent description by Arnt Flatmo.
Route description: From the trailhead, follow the dirt road that continues straight ahead. This road climbs a gentle hill, then continues fairly flat to the lake Mørkevatnet. where it ends. Continue on a trail in the same direction until you reach the far end of the lake. The trail now climbs and then enter another level area. The summit is more or less straight ahead. Cross a creek and bend slightly left as you climb left of a small humb before the trail again curves right and climbs the final hill to the broad summit ridge. Follow this to the summit. The summit is actually a pretty broad and flat ridge with two marked cairns. They appear equally high and you should visit both of them.
Comments: I had just returned to Arnt's house after climbing Saudehornet with Anne and Arnt. It was a bit early for dinner and Arnt suggested that we would make a run to Sollia. I had already a pretty good hike for the day, but Arnt knew that Sollia was on my list of P600 mountains. Anne decided very wisely to stay home and enjoy the good summer like weather.
We left in Arnt's car around 1710 amd were parked at the trailhead by 1730. The running felt ok until the very first, gentle uphill. Here, my legs immediately reminded me that they had already done a good more than 1000 meter vertical hike and that walking (or even resting!) would be more appropriate indeed. Doing a mix of running and walking, I arrived at the second summit at 1819. The view was nice, but with shorts and a thin Tshirt the wind was cold and I needed to start back home immediately. Running down hill is always easier and we were by the car at 1854.
Back at Arnt's place, Anne served a nicely prepared salmon with good wine. Great hospitality, I did feel that the dinner was well earned.
Thanks to Anne and Arnt for allowing me to completely change their weekend plans. Thanks to Arnt for planning 3 very nice summits and to Anne and Arnt for good company. Arnt would get up and drive me to the boat at Hareid on 0500 the next morning, not a small favor! I flew home to Bergen and caught up with office and work before 0900.