• Skredvarden
  • 636 m
  • Primary factor 636 m
  • Location: North 61:20.578, East 004:58.896 (GPS at the summit).
  • Most westerly Major Mountain in Norway.
  • Sogn og Fjordane, Norway
  • Difficulty, YDS class 2
  • Climbed on November 13. 2010


How to get there:
A good place of reference is Førde on E-39, north of Sognefjorden. Take Hwy. 609 towards Askvoll, this distance is approximately 61 kilometer. The road is narrow and you have a spectacular view of the steep mountain face Blægja (1304m) coming down to the fjord. In Askvoll, take the ferry to Gjervik on Atløy. This ferry does not run very frequently on weekends, so be prepared for some waiting time. Measure from the ferry. Once on Atløy, drive off the ferry and turn left at the T-junction. Near kilometer 5.3, look for a small dirt road that forks right. Continue on this until it ends (behind a barn) at kilometer 6.1. This is the trailhead, location N61:19.693, E004:57.652, elevation about 12 meter.
Route description: A clear trail starts out from the trailhead and follows the lake. You pass through a gate, then merge with another trail and head uphill near a small creek. At location N61:20.145, E004:56.850, elevation 154 meter, there is a signed trail fork. The right fork goes to Skredvarden. Higher up, this trail may be less obvious at least when there is a bit of snow. The route is pretty obvious as you see the mountain ahead and after crossing a very small valley, it is just to continue uphill. The terrain is easy all the way. On the top, the slope is more gradual and you will suddenly see the very impressive cairn at the summit.
Comments: I had climbed Blåfjellet on skis earlier in the day and subsequently headed out towards Askvoll. The plan called for climbing this mountain on Sunday, however, as I got across on a ferry that departed 1440 (having just missed the earlier ferry), I realized that I might just climb this mountain as an afternoon/evening hike and get back home to Bergen a day early.
I left the trailhead in misty weather at 1510 and decided that this would be a hike on foot since the snowline seemed pretty high on this coastal mountain. I arrived at the summit at 1640, just as it was getting dark. In fact, I needed the flash on my camera to take a picture of the cairn.
I headed back down already at 1650, the idea being to follow my footsteps as long as I could still see them in the snow. Partway down I had to turn on my headlamp in order to see the details of the ground. I continued back down in the dark and arrived at the car at 1805. A nice hike, and a double P600 day. The ferry had just left (no luck with this ferry) and I waited until near 1920