• Skarven
  • 899 m
  • Primary factor 899 m
  • Tustna island HP.
  • Location: North 63:10.640, East 008:07.955 (GPS at the summit)
  • Difficulty: YDS class 2.
  • Climbed August 26. 2006.


How to get there: From Kristiansund, take the road to the Kvernberget airport, continue passing the airport exit, then make a left and follow signs for Seivik and/or Tustna. Seivik is only a few kilometer from the airport, this is the location of the ferry that will take you across to the island Tustna, to its west side at a small place called Tømmervåg.
Make a right turn in Tømmervåg and follow the road that runs around the island on its south side. Drive south of Storhaugen (227m) to Sørhalsnes where a forest road forks left. This road quickly deteriorates, parking can be located without blocking the road in several spots. In particular, there is a road branching right where parking is convenient. This is the trailhead, location N63:09.168, E008:05.208, elevation 69 meter.

Route description: Continue along the forest road until it hits a meadow with a sign saying "Skarven" pointing right. Follow this trail as it gradually climbs through the forest and then into more open terrain. You pass a cabin along the way. As soon as you see the slope above you, there are a few alternatives. The nicest route follows the ridge from the saddle between Jørenvågsalen and Skarven. In order to reach this ridge, curve uphill and to the left as the terrain opens up and permits easy hiking. Aim for the very saddle between Jørenvågsalen (857m, left), and Skarven (right).
Alternatively, continue the gentle uphill towards the horizon just right of Skarven. As you get higher, one can pretty much zig-zag uphill towards the summit without detailed navigation.
Comments: I climbed this mountain with my friend Arnt Flatmo. I came from Bergen slightly after 12, noon on Saturday and Arnt picked me up at the airport. We caught the 1300 ferry and had no problem navigating to the trailhead. We started hiking around 1400 and made the summit in 1:45 at 1545. We spent about 15 minutes at the summit, then continued down the distinct and fun ridge connecting this mountain to Jørenvågsalen. This was our first "Stabb", next in line was Jørenvågsalen.