• Vanntinden
  • 1031 m
  • Primary factor 1031 m
  • Location: North 70:05.909, East 019:46.975 (GPS on the summit).
  • Troms, Norway
  • Climbed on May 9. 2005


How to get there: From Tromsø, drive north on Hwy. 863 to Hansnes, approximately 56 km. From Hansnes there is a ferry to Vanna (Vannøya). This ferry runs about 8 times a day on weekdays, 4 times a day in the weekend. The first ferry leaves between 0600 and 0700, while the last ferry for the day may run around 2100. The schedule for the ferries in Troms are on the internet, one may also call 177 in order to get information.
As you leave the ferry, turn left and drive 9 kilometer to Mellomjorda. You will find parking on the left side of the road (small turnout). This is a good trailhead, location north 70:05.487, east 019:42.100, elevation 5 meter.

One can stay overnight at "Hansnes Kro og Overnatting", located right next to the ferry, phone (+47)77747410. They were very friendly indeed, served a nice dinner and provided self service early breakfast the next morning. Should be recommended.
Route description: Locate the small creek that comes down from the mountain. Proceed up on the left side of this creek, a small trail runs up here. As you get higher, there is a small valley straight ahead. On either side, two ridges continue uphill. The steeper and slightly more direct route runs up the left ridge, while a more gentle slope can be followed on the right ridge. Higher up, the route on the right ridge curves left above the valley and enters the broad summit ridge.
Comments: I climbed this peak solo. After a nice dinner and good sleep at Hansnes Kro og Overnatting, I took the first (0640) ferry to Vanna. This ferry visits Karlsøy first and did not arrive at Vanna until 0800. I left the car at the trailhead at 0815. The lower part of the ridge was largely free of snow, so I carried my skis to elevation 323 meter. From there, I took the left (steeper) ridge up and arrived at the summit after 2:15 at 1030. The scenery was unbeliveably nice, deep blue arctic ocean all around, scattered islands with snow peaks, then more massive mountains to the east, hidden in haze and some clouds. I stayed 15 minutes, then skied down the more gentle ridge, very nice skiing with predictable snow. In 30 minutes, I was considerably further down than when I put my skis on going up. Another 15 minutes and I was back at my car at 1130.
This peak is well north of 70 degrees, thus one of the northenmost Scandinavian peaks with prominence exceeding 1000 meter.
This was peak number 9 in my T5 trip. Next peak Blåtinden. Previous peak Lille Russetind.